Rainy Day Two – October 28, 2018

Another rainy day today, so another day working inside. Got quite a bit done, so I’m happy about that. I’m very glad I’ve been able to keep up with my regular responsibilities and still find time to write.

Again today, I had to resort to writing prompts and stream of consciousness writing to hit my word goal. I think I’m just really worried about starting anything new in case I find that more interesting than what I’ve got planned for NaNo. My NaNo stuff is so well organized that I’d hate for anything to come along and throw a monkey wrench into it, so I think I’ve been avoiding writing anything that might risk something like that happening.

It was tough, but I did pass my word goal today, as well as the 1667 benchmark.

Daily Word Count -1674
Novel Word Count – 0 (Start Date Nov. 1)
Outline/Prep./Side Project Word Count – 52,672

Days Until Nano – 3

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