Current Works-In-Progress

HMCS Bonaventure (working title)

Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera

Pen Name: E. Greywolfe

(Begun November 1st, 2018)

(First Draft Completed July 30, 2019)

(Currently Editing)


The HMCS Bonaventure is diverted from it’s mission and sent to rescue the survivors of an abandoned enemy colony.

The already delicate situation takes a disastrous turn when the remnants of an alien civilization are discovered near the abandoned colony, and an ancient intelligence is awakened, threatening the Bonaventure crew, the colonists, and humanity itself.

Captain Canuck – Renegade (working title)

71077668_10162445978415226_1673734268326510592_o (2)

Genre – Superhero Adventure/Science Fiction

Pen Name: E. Greywolfe

(Begun – Nov. 1st, 2019)

(First Draft Completed – August 21, 2020)

(Currently Editing)


Captain Canuck is on the run, chased by the most dangerous hunters in the world, his former Equilibrium teammates.

Accused of attempting to assassinate the US President, Captain Canuck must prove his innocence before the situation devolves into a full-scale US invasion of The Great White North.

A Kiss From A Dragon (working title)

kiss2Genre – Erotic Fantasy

Pen Name: E. Greywolfe

(Begun – Nov. 1st, 2020)

(Currently In Progress)


A young woman, eager to escape her stifling existence as a Blacksmith’s daughter in a small village, runs afoul of an evil Lich-Mage when she attempts to run away. Discovering the Mage’s plan to remake the universe to his liking, destroying everything she has ever known, she does what she can to foil his evil plan.