The Plan

Despite the many aborted attempts I’ve made over the years to write a novel, I decided to treat this latest one as a fresh start and a first “real” attempt.

In many ways, I’m not taking this project very seriously, in the sense that I don’t really expect this “novel” to ever be published. I’m treating this one as a learning experience, a “practice run” of sorts. I’m cutting my teeth on this attempt, learning by doing, going through the motions in order to build the skills I’ll need when I take a stab at “Really” writing a novel.

I’m not trying to discount the amount of work I’m putting into this attempt; I’m taking the work seriously, doing everything I should be doing (or trying to, at least) in order to produce an actual novel. I’m just not expecting too much more from the end result other than a real first attempt.

This is the one where I’m allowing myself to make mistakes, hoping that I can eventually recognize those mistakes and correct them. This is the one where I train myself to write every day and hope that the quality of my writing improves as I go. This is the one where I hone my skills so that the next attempt, the more “serious” one, will benefit from this learning experience.

I chose a story idea that was fun, in my opinion, and a bit silly at first, but gradually, I’ve fallen in love with the story and the characters within it. That wasn’t planned, I truly set out to just write a throwaway story I wouldn’t get too attached to so that I wouldn’t have any expectations of success.

I still don’t think this work will ever be “traditionally” published, but more and more I’m warming to the idea that, when truly finished, I may decide to self publish it and see where that goes.

The idea for my next attempt, the one I had planned to take more seriously, has been gelling in my head for the last few months and is starting to take shape. I’m holding off doing any serious work on that project until closer to NaNo 2019, when (hopefully) this project is well into the editing and re-writing phase.

I began this current project in late September 2018, prepping for NaNo 2018 at first, and then beginning the actual writing on November 1st. It’s mid-April 2019 now, and I’m close (HA!) to finishing the first draft, but who knows when I’ll actually reach that milestone.

I plan to spend the time between finishing this first draft and NaNo 2019 editing and rewriting this draft, again learning by doing, and tackling a few smaller writing projects to continue to develop my skills.

I’m in this for the long haul, knowing full well that each attempt may take years to fully develop into a finished novel.

Despite some “Impostor Syndrome” stumbles, I’m growing more and more confident each day that, yeah, I can actually do this thing. However, time will tell.

I do have to admit, I am kind of proud of myself for keeping with it this long.



RobTheWriter, April 11, 2019