Another Slog – November 7, 2018

So, today was a bit of a slog when it came to my writing… real world thoughts kept intruding, which made it difficult to plow through it. I managed it though.

Still finishing up some odds and ends outside. I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend, the house will finally be winterized.

One side benefit I’ve noticed since I began this project is that I’ve gotten quite a bit better at time management. Having to fit writing 2000 plus words a day in without it taking away from my other responsibilities has made me better at planning out my day, so there is that.

A couple of things that I really miss though… reading. I can’t really find much time to read, and since I tend to read mostly speculative fiction, I’m worried that anything in that genre I did read might contaminate the story I’m working on. I’d read something I’d want to incorporate into my story, so then I’d have to work that in which would threaten to change the whole outline I’ve got planned.

Also, I really miss watching my sci-fi shows. I’m not avoiding them so as not to contaminate my work, I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and watch them. I still haven’t gotten around to watching this week’s episode of Doctor Who.

Guess you really do have to sacrifice for your art 

Total Words Today – 2118
Novel Word Count – 16,367

NaNo Day 7

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