Flaking – November 8, 2018

Today I flaked a bit on all my other responsibilities to take a writing day.

They held another “Write In” at the local University, and even though I didn’t have the best of times at the one I went to last week, I decided to give it another shot, so I went.

Before I left, I ground out 2000 words on my “novel”, just so when I showed up, I’d already be ahead of the game.

The good news is that I managed to get another 1700 + words towards my goal this evening, which was awesome.

The bad news is, once again, the meeting was kind of awkward. Out of the 20 or so people that attended, I was one of three men, (the other two left early, btw), and one of two people who appeared over 30.

It did make for kind of an awkward night. I’m not sure if my age might have made me seem unapproachable, but it was uncomfortable trying to participate in anything, as I always felt as if I was intruding.

Like I said, though, it was more of a distraction free environment than I’m used to writing in – I really had no choice but to either write, or just sit there feeling weird, so I wrote.

The extra writing pushed me past the 20,000 word mark though, so now I’m 40% to my goal and on track to finish early. The word tracker on the NaNo website estimates that at the rate I’m going, I should hit 50,000 words on November 21st, nine days early. I doubt I’ll finish then, but I am confident I can finish a few days early at least.

Total Words Today – 3741
Novel Word Count – 20,108

NaNo Day 8

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