Maintaining -September 17, 2019


So, once again it’s been far too long since I made my last blog post, not that there’s much to tell, but I did want to start posting these on a more regular basis.

I’ve been kind of wrapped up with projects around the house, and we had some company over the weekend, so time has been a bit short.

I’ve been focusing on trying to wrap up some reno projects that I’ve left unfinished for far too long. I want to get them done before winter sets in so that I can switch gears and work on some other reno’s that need to be done.

The upper hallway and the stairs leading up to the bedrooms have been my main focus, besides working on getting the greenhouse ready for winter. The hallway needed new flooring installed and a lot of trim work, but I think I should be done with it within a week or so.

The greenhouse needs a lot more work. I have to get the heating sorted out, which means finishing the rocket stove/mass heater and starting on some passive solar heaters. I’ve got the processes for each worked out, but both projects involve using materials I don’t have much experience with, so there’s bound to be a bit of a learning curve.

I’ve also started on a new cosplay project because I don’t have enough to do. A good friend and I are going to an event in November called Youmacon, which is kind of like a comic-con but focused more on anime and Japanese culture. Anime isn’t really my wheelhouse, but I do have a few old favourite characters from way back that I could work with. I decided to do “D” from a vampire-themed anime called “Vampire Hunter D” from back in the ’80s. I haven’t done much so far, but the hat is coming along nicely.

This past Friday night, I went with a very good friend to Goth night at Villain’s Beastro and was met there later by my wife and son. We had a great time, and I was very glad my son decided to join us. His friends aren’t really the “going out” type, so, even though it might seem a bit odd for a twenty-year-old to be clubbing with his ‘rents, it was good to see him out and having fun. I was a bit of a goth back in the day, so it’s always a treat for me to dress up and go out to a club like that to revisit my youth a bit.

As I said, a good friend of mine from out of town came to visit for the weekend, with his wife and his girlfriend. He’s polyamorous, and trust me, with him it makes sense. My kids had a bit of a time wrapping their brains around that particular fact, but they’ve known this friend for a bit and are used to him being weird. It was a great visit. We all went to dinner at one of my favourite Asian restaurants and stayed up late talking. We also got to work a few things out that had been bothering me, so I’m glad to get some closure with that. We’ll be seeing them again this coming weekend, as we’re going up to their place for a party.

So, editing…

Editing has not been going well. I’m finding it extremely difficult, as I really have no experience editing a novel, so I haven’t been able to find a way to begin. I’ve decided to take some time to read a few books on how to go about it. I’m hoping that will give me some guidelines as to how to begin.

This weekend will officially mark one year since I made the decision to actually sit down and write a novel. I’m going to try and set aside a bit of time each day to start working on the outline for the next one that I plan to start in November. I don’t want to set aside editing my current work, but I’ll have to eventually when NaNo ‘19 begins, so the timeline for finishing this one will likely be pushed back quite a bit.

So, there’s my update. Hope you’re all well.

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