The Rake’s Guild – D&D 5e


Post Game-Night De-Briefing #14

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This past game night we had three of our players that couldn’t attend, so rather than cancel the night entirely, we decided to play a small side adventure that would have no bearing on the main adventure that we had been playing to that point.

The adventure is called Happy Jack’s Fun House and involves just what the title says. The characters involved were Daevous(Dan), Keirnan(Jim), Kava(Steph), and Dargo(Chris). Everyone was instructed to record the pertinent information on their character’s vitals from the end of the last game night and then began this new adventure as if their characters were unhurt, well-fed and well-rested.

We began with the characters fresh from a successful adventure, walking down a lonely country road at dusk on a warm autumn evening. In the distance, they could see a mid-sized town that seemed strangely and brightly lit, with lights of garish colours. As they got closer to the town, they began to hear strange music being played on strange instruments. The music seemed like happy tunes that had been twisted, soured, played slightly off-key.

At the edge of the town, they say a group of people, presumably, the townsfolk, gathered and speaking to each other in anxious, worried tones. The townsfolk, noticing the approaching adventurers, watched them with suspicion and fear, especially Kava, the Dragonborn.

The group was challenged by what appeared to be one of the town’s elders, who approached them to ask their business. Daevousexplained who they were and then asked why the townsfolk seemed so anxious and fearful. The elder explained to the party that several nights prior, a small man dressed as a jester showed up in the town square, riding in a very garishly pained wagon.

Without asking permission or stating his business, the jester removed a largish crate from the wagon and opened it. By some magic or other, the town elder explained, the crate unfolded into a large wooded building with a garishly pained facade on the front and several smaller buildings, stands really, to either side of the roadway leading to the square.

The facade was painted with the giant face of a clown, surrounded by pink hippos and pink and yellow polka-dots. The clown looked vaguely like the small jester and within it’s wide, over-sized mouth was what appeared to be the doors to the wooden building.

Above the clown’s face, letters lit by some magical means spelled out the words “Happy Jack’s Fun House”. At first, it seemed a wonderful, magical amusement that the jester was peddling to the townsfolk. In a gleeful, rhyming speech, the jester, Happy Jack, promised all of the people a wondrous fun adventure awaited them all inside his “Fun House”, and pointed out all of the strange, tasty and enjoyable things to be had at the stand leading up to it.

Indeed, the strange, sweet food and the exciting games of chance outside of the Fun House itself pleased the townsfolk greatly, and they were taken in by Happy Jack’s promise of even more fun inside. So at first in small groups, and then in larger numbers, the townsfolk all went into the Fun House to see just how much fun was to be had.

The next thing the townsfolk knew, they were waking up that very morning on the ground outside the Fun House, with no memory of being inside or any other occurrence from the last few days. Worse still, they could find neither Happy Jack himself nor their children.

All of the town’s children had vanished without a trace. The strange music coming from the Fun House had gone quiet, and the magical lights had gone dark. None of the stand’s vendors would work, nor was there any sign of the organ grinder and her monkey that had entertained them all while they waited to go inside the Fun House. Try as they might, they couldn’t open the doors to the Fun House or find any other way inside.

As it got later and the sky began to darken, the townsfolk began to feel an impending sense of dread. Gradually, without even realizing they were doing it, the townsfolk all moved away from the Fun House and the town square, to the edge of the town itself. That was where they had encountered the travelling adventurers.

Upon hearing their story, the party, led by Daevous(Dan), offered to go into town and find the village’s children. The elder was surprised at the offer, and wary of the strangers, having become mistrustful of outsiders, but he conveyed the town’s hopes that the party was successful.

As the sun began to set, the four adventurers made their way into the town following the strange music and garish lights. The music, cloying and off-putting, grew louder as they approached the town square, drowning out the warnings of the townsfolk behind them.

On either side of the lane leading up to the town square and the garishly lit wooden Fun House, where a half-dozen or so stands, each lit up as gaudily as the main building. The first half dozen stands were selling novelty foods that the travellers had never before seen, and the vendors became animated as the group neared the stands.

The group, upon inspecting the food stands, found that the vendors were some type of magically animated dolls or golems. They were only torsos, really, skewered onto a post that ran along a track on the floor of the stand. For the cost of two copper pieces, they would hand over an order of the strange food they had on offer. They would take the food down from the shelves on the sidewalls of the stand, and a replacement for the removed food item world magically appear to re-fill the empty space.

Both Daevous and Kava sampled some of the food; Daevous trying a candied apple and Kava some feather candy. Both of the treats looked sweet, fresh and tasty when the vendor presented them to Daevous and Kava, but once in their hands, the apple became rotten and mouldy, and the spun sugar Feather-Candy became a ball of spiderwebs, with small, nasty spiders crawling across it. Both adventurers abandoned their treats to the ground.

Keirnan decided to investigate the next series of stand and found those to be various games of chance. He selected one at random, which turned out to be a game where one would throw darts at a balloon covered back wall. Popping three of the balloons in a row would win you a prize. Keirnan at first used his arrows to pop the balloons, but once he found it made little difference using the arrows instead of darts, he switched to the darts.

In all, he won two small dolls in the likeness of Happy Jack the jester. The dolls themselves were dirty and of shoddy construction.

Daevous and Keirnan and Kava all decided to inspect the various booths they’d approached. They could find no entrance to the stands other than climbing over the front counter. Within the stands, there was nothing more than the vendor golems and the completed foodstuffs or the equipment for the games of chance. There was no apparent cooking equipment or any support items for the games.

Daevous discovered that fire, even magical fire, would not affect toe vendor automatons, but they could be damaged and destroyed by pure brute force. Daevous found this out when he attacked one with his swords and destroyed its head. As he watched, the golem’s body began smoking and letting off a foul, unearthly odour. Daevous tried to hop back over the counter, but not before the automaton exploded. He narrowly avoided being hit by shrapnel but was partially covered by a foul-smelling, oily liquid. Kava and Keirnan fared no better, as they also attempted to destroy one of the automata by pulling it’s track away from it’s moorings to the walls of the stand. Once knocked to the ground, this automaton too began to smoke. Kava and Keirnan also attempted to escape the stand but were not as lucky as Daevous had been and were caught up in the explosion as that golem as well blew apart.

Both were hit and injured by flying shrapnel, and both as well were covered head to foot by the odoriferous viscous liquid as Daevous had been.

The three now, now covered in sticky, greasy foul-smelling fluid, looked to their fourth member, Dargo(Chris), and seeing that he was still relatively clean, began to rub themselves on him to try and make him as filthy as they were.

From behind them, the group then heard organ-grinder music from behind them and turned to find a fat old woman behind them, turning the crank of a box organ, with what appeared to be an undead monkey dancing on the ground in front of her.

Daevous attacked the old organ grinder, and with a swipe of his short sword sliced off a significant portion of her head. Angered now, the old woman, partially headless and now missing an eye, the woman lifted her organ and brandishing it as a bat, began swinging it at Daevous and company.

Keirnan turned his attention to the zombie money and cast a spell that caused a five-foot deep hole to appear beneath its feet. Once the monkey had fallen into the hole, the displaced dirt fell down on top of it, burying it in the ground.

From within the organ-grinder’s organ box, a long, green and slimy tentacle burst forth and also began attacking the group.

Daevous took another swing at the old woman and succeed in cutting the rest of her head off. Rather than leaving a corpse, however, the old organ grinder instead seemed to pop, exploding in a wet, slimy cloud that left the group even more gore-covered than they had been.

Kava took a swing at the flailing tentacle still emerging from the organ box and managed to slice a small portion off the tip, but the tentacle continued to flail around and attack. Dargo then attacked the tentacle with magical fire, and burned the severed end of the thing, though it continued to flail and attack.

The tentacle tried to reach each of the party members with it’s swatting end, but with the old woman gone now and nothing anchoring the organ box, the momentum of the flailing appendage kept sliding the box around on the ground, throwing off its aim.

The monkey, digging it’s way out of it’s newly dug grave, breached the surface of the ground with a hand, but that hand was quickly destroyed by a strike from Keirnan. Dargo took a swing at the tentacle with his battle-axe and severed a good portion of it, leaving only a rump of about three feet still left sticking out of the organ box.

The severed piece of tentacle began trying to inch-worm it’s way into the darkness and out of reach of the adventuring party, while the rump still sticking out of the organ box continued to flail on the ground.

The monkey, now missing one hand, had managed to finally dig it’s way out of the hole and now stood on the edge screeching at the party.

Daevous grabbed the organ box to try and steady it while Dargo attempted another swing at the rump of a tentacle, but before he could swing, from above them, Happy Jack’s voice shouted down.

Happy Jack admonished the group for wasting time outside the Fun House, when all the real fun, he said, was to be had inside. With Happy Jack’s words, the monkey, the organ box and tentacle all seemed to vanish.

The group then tried to find a way inside the Fun House, but the doors, as before, were locked tight, and no way in was to be found. When they asked Happy Jack, who was still reclining at the top of the Fun House roof, how they were meant to get inside, he laughed and told them to get into the cart in front of the doors, as if it had been obvious all along.

The cart was, like all of the rest of the constructs associated with the Fun House, garishly painted, squat and rested on truncated rails that extended only a few feet from the front and the rear. It was open-topped and seemed to expand to fit the four adventurers as they climbed inside.

As soon as the four were seated in the cart, the rails extended both in front of them and behind, and the cart started to speed them along as if it was a train. The rails travelled up into the air before cresting and then dropping down once again. They twisted and curved and even flipped the cart upside down, and all the while the adventurer’s remained pinned inside.

Finally, the cart swerved back toward the Fun House and sped toward the painted clown’s face on the facade over the doors, which yawed open at its approach.

With a jarring stop, the four came to rest within a dilapidated “waiting” room, which contained a wooden dock for them to exit on to. In the center of the room was a large white crate that was painted with colourful polka dots.

The room had two small doors and a large door are found along the north wall, with a painting of Happy Jack. Along the east wall, there were two small tables with another door between them. The west wall contained a series of cubbies with various names printed on tags beneath some of them.

The party decided to take the east door and found themselves in a long hallway with several doors lining it along each wall. Most of the doors opened onto storage closets that were either empty or contained trinkets or baubles. One such closet contained a sleeping person that was very angry to be woken and told the adventurers to leave him alone. Another closet contained a box with twenty small figurines.

Down a side corridor going north they crossed again into a small east-west corridor that ended in rooms on each end. The western-most room contained what must have been a costume storage room, but the room was crisscrossed with threads of yarn, and the floor had been removed leaving a large hole. The eastern room contained a small workshop, strewn with pieces of mirror, tools, planks and painting supplies.

At the far end of the workshop was yet another door, and opening it, the group found a corridor stretching beyond it where the walls were covered floor to ceiling in mirrors. They went into the corridor only a small way before backing back into the workshop and taking another route.

Back in the intersection of the hall joining the costume room and the workshop, the party turned north and through another door, where they found themselves in another small room, again with walls covered floor to ceiling mirrors, but this time with what appeared to be a dead body lying on the floor in a far corner.

Beside the body lay a strange-looking wood and metal wand, held on a leather strap and surrounded by six small red cylinders. Keirnan decided to pick up the wand and cylinders and take them with him.

In the northeast corner of the room, there was a passage into what the group assumed was another room, and so the group moved that way, with Daevous leading.

Just as he breached the threshold into the next room, Daevous began to enlarge, ballooning into the strange, misshapen parody he had appeared as in the distorted wall mirrors. He became so bloated that it was difficult for him to move and to even fit through the passageway comfortably.

And that’s where we left off.

Everyone who participated in the side-adventure, while nothing else about their character’s attributes changed from the last regular game’s ending, do gain 250 XP.

If again we find our selves short of players on a regular game night, we’ll drag out the Fun House and continue from this point.

Our next regular game night will fall on Sunday, September 27, at 7:00 pm. If this doesn’t work for everyone, we can always change the date. Let me know if you can make it when you get the chance.

Hope you’re all doing well.



Post Game-Night De-Briefing #13

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When we last left the party, they had once again barricaded themselves in the barracks-like room to the west of the cavern they had discovered at the end of the tunnel to the Redbrand’s lair.

The group was pinned down from two directions. At the top of the stairs running back up to the cavern, several Redbrand brigands had taken up positions and were firing arrows down the stairwell at anyone leaving the room, while down the hall in the room to the north, several bugbears were also waiting to attack the group from behind the closed door.

The group had already been involved in combat, suffered injuries and depleted most of their magical options. Madam President(Sarah) suggested using the beds and mattresses in the room as shields and barricades against the Redbrand’s arrows coming from the top of the stairs but was out-voted, as many of the party, led by Daevous(Dan) wanted to make their way back through to the cavern and out the tunnel to get back outside in a tactical retreat.

The group began by pressing their way back up the stairs, to face off with the Redbrands in the cavern. A protracted battle ensued, with many of the party suffering injuries. Kava(Steph) and Rurik(Andrew) took up positions in the north-facing hallway and were confronted by the bugbears in the far room. The bugbears drove the two up the stairwell, causing near-fatal injuries to Kava.

During the battle with the Redbrands in the cavern, a thunderous noise was heard, and out of the crevasse that bisected the cave, wreathed in smoke and flames, rose a giant demonic figure. The horned demon threatened the party when in a deep voice it told them that they would not escape the cavern alive.

Several members of the group, including Deavous, Keirnan(Jim) and Dargo(Chris) tried attacking the demonic creature using magic and ranged weapons, but to no avail, as none of the attacks seemed to affect the creature at all.

Turning their attention back to the remaining Redbrands, the group managed to quickly kill off the remaining brigands, then turned their attention to healing the nearly dead Kava before incapacitating the remaining Bugbears.

As all assailants but the demon had been neutralized, the group began to turn their attention back to the giant demonic being, only to see it disappear in a cloud of brimstone and sulphur-smelling smoke. Left alone now in the cavern with only the two mortally wounded bugbears remaining, the group heard the echoing footsteps of one last, unseen enemy making his own retreat, as the last vestiges of the demon beast faded away.

And that’s where we left off.

Everyone who participated in the evening’s session was awarded 350 XP, and plans were made to meet up again for our next gaming session on Sunday, Sept. 13, at 7:00 pm.

That’s this session’s update. Hope you’re all well and you enjoy your long weekend.

Stay safe, and see you soon.



Post Game-Night De-Briefing #12

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When last we rejoined our heroes, they had just killed four bugbears and captured a small goblin in a barracks-like room in the underground hideout of the Redbrand Brigands that they’d found branching off of a large cavern.

They had entered the cavern through a long descending tunnel that they’d heard tell the Redbrands used to access their lair.

The group had decided to barricade themselves in to try and get some rest and recoup some health and energy, but they were hunkered down for barely an hour before someone tried to get into the room. When whoever was on the other side of the door found it blocked, they began pounding on the door demanding entry.

The group positioned themselves for attack, and then quickly removed the barricade and shot arrows out the door. In the corridor were three hobgoblins, one which barely made it back to the room on the other side of the door at the opposite end of the hallway, another which the group killed, and a third that the group managed to injure, and then pull into the room where they bound it with rope.

After barricading themselves in the room once again, the group decided to try and question the hobgoblin. They managed to get the following information from the captive…

  • it didn’t know precisely how many Redbrands there were currently at the hideout, but thought there were at least a dozen or more
  • the Redbrands came and went often so there was no telling how many would be there at any given time
  • the Redbrand’s leader’s name is Glasstaff
  • that Glasstaff was in his quarters on the other side of the room at the end of the adjoining corridor
  • and that the non-humanoids in the hideout were there at the behest of Glasstaff’s master, the Spider, whom none had ever met face to face.


They didn’t get much more out of the hobgoblin before there was another group demanding entry into the room.

This second group also began issuing threats to the group, demanding they surrender or risk being killed. The group feigned surrender, and then when they opened the door, attacked the creatures in the corridor, this time bugbears. Again, the wounded bugbears managed to retreat into the room at the far end of the corridor, but not before sustaining injuries.

The group, again behind the locked door of the barracks, devised a plan to take the fight to the bugbears in the other room. Madam President(Sarah) cast an invisibility spell on Keirnan(Jim) who then moved undetected out into the hallway and to the door at the far end. Unfortunately, the door made a large creaking sound when opened, alerting the bugbears in the other room that something was trying to gain entry into the room. Keirnan managed to see that there were several bugbears and a hobgoblin or two in the far room before retreating back to the barracks.

When Keirnan, still invisible, tried to make his way back into the barracks, the door at the far end of the corridor opened wide, and a flaming arrow was shot through and into the barracks, landing on one of the beds and catching the blankets on fire. Deavous(Dan) grabbed the flaming blankets and threw them into the hallway, preventing the bed itself from catching fire, and from the group being smoked out of the room.

At various times, different members of the party tried to make their way out of the barracks and attack the bugbears at the end of the corridor, with limited or no success. Some Redbrands also tried to cover the barrack’s door, taking up positions at the top of the stone staircase to the cavern and firing arrows down into the corridor. One of the Redbrands was severely injured and lay writhing on the ground in agony as the group retreated back into the barracks.

At one point, while trying to hit a bugbear still inside the far room, Deavous fired an arrow that accidentally lodged in the still invisible Kerinan’s backside (ass cheek), which hampered his effectiveness for a while.

Madam President had also made her way out into the corridor to see if she could somehow turn the tide in favour of the heroes but was forced back into the barracks. In the process, she bumped into the still invisible Keirnan, and her concentration was broken, ending the invisibility spell and making Keirnan visible to all again.

The group once again decided to barricade themselves in the barracks, this time stuffing blankets around the door to prevent them from being smoked out.

And that’s where we left off.

At the end of the session, everyone was granted enough XP to bring their character to 1350, which is half-way to Level 4.

So, we did decide last week that we’d game tomorrow night, Sunday, August 23rd. If anyone can’t make it, please let me know.

Otherwise, I’ll see you at 7:00 pm tomorrow night. I do hope to have a few surprises for you all.

Be good Mutha Fucka’s






Post Game-Night De-Briefing #11

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We rejoined our heroes as they battled a little-seen enemy in a vast cavern hidden at the end of a long tunnel, where they’d been told the Redbrand Ruffians tended to gather. The cavern was bisected by a fog-filled crevasse, and seemed unnaturally cold, and lit by a strange, phosphorescent glow.

Once in the cavern, the group was attacked by a creature who was able to hide by blending into the native rock above. It would cling to the ceiling, jumping down to attack with its claws and teeth before leaping back up to the ceiling and hiding among the stalactites. The group was only able to follow the creature once they had managed to put an arrow or two into its hide, the arrow’s feathers giving away it’s location.

The creature also seemed to have some form of telepathic ability, as several members of the group would hear a voice in their head, putting fearful thoughts into their minds.

Though the creature had injured several members of the party, it had suffered grievous injuries itself, and before long it became too weak to maintain it’s grip on the cavern’s ceiling. One more arrow shot caused it to fall into the crevasse, it’s body becoming lost in the fog below, and the all-pervading feeling of dread it brought with it finally dissipated.

The group did what it could to heal their wounds before pressing on down into a hallway constructed of the native rock leading westward from the cavern. The hall contained some stairs leading further downward and ended at the bottom in another short hallway leading to the north, with a door at each end.

Dargo(Chris) put his ear to the southernmost door, as the group could hear some shouting behind it. He heard what he thought to be someone ordering someone else about, chastising and berating them in the process. Successfully opening the unlocked door just a sliver to peek in without giving away his presence, Dargo could see a large, hairy shape moving about the room.

Dargo silently communicated what he could to the rest of the group behind him, before charging into the room, waiving around his war-hammer. Inside he found four large bug-bears, one wearing a be-Jewelled eye-patch, yelling at and insulting a small, starveling of a goblin. On seeing Dargo barge into the room, the goblin quickly fainted.

The bug-bears were caught by surprise by Dargo’s entrance but recovered quickly, and the situation devolved rapidly into melee combat. Each member of the party made their way into the room, scouted out a target, and joined in the fracas.

While the group was eventually victorious, Dargo was nearly killed, having taken the brunt of the bug-bears’ attack, but everyone managed to heal well enough once the battle was over, the bug-bears all killed, and the corpses looted. Nothing overly valuable was found save for the one bug-bear’s bejeweled eye-patch.

It was decided that the group should try and barricade the door, and attempt to rest up in order to heal a bit more and perhaps replenish their spell-caster’s abilities.

And that’s where we left the group.

At the end of the session, everyone who played gained 100 XP.

Our next game night will be this coming Sunday, August 9th, at 7:00 pm, if that still works for everyone. If you can’t make it, please let me know.

One thing I am considering changing, or at least trying out, will be putting a time limit on how long you have to decide your actions on your turn. I’m thinking of giving everyone only twenty seconds to describe what they’d like to do on their turns, in order to make the game move a bit faster, and to increase the feeling of combat under pressure during the game. After all, you wouldn’t have several minutes to decide how you’d react in a real combat situation, so you shouldn’t be able to debate and decide an action that is supposed to take less than six seconds for minutes on end. I’m also thinking about having a “No Table Talk” rule when someone is describing their actions on their turn, meaning no one can interject or suggest actions, though I may bend on that a little.

Anyway, we’ll see how those work out and whether or not they’ll be worth sticking to if they make the gameplay a little faster and more realistic.

Hope you’re all having a good week, and staying safe. Be good mother-fuckers.





Post Game-Night De-Briefing #10

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And now for the game night re-cap…

We re-joined our heroes outside of the Sleeping Giant Tap House, shortly after they had defeated (killed) all of the members of the Redbrand Ruffians gang in the area.

The party was busy healing each other and looting the corpses of the Redbrands, when a group of townsfolk approached them, led by the TownMaster, HarbinWester. Wester and a significant number of the townsfolk were angry and disgusted with the violence and murder the party had brought to their town, despite the fact that those killed had been harassing the townsfolk, and made their displeasure known. Wester was adamant that the party’s actions would only bring more retribution from the remaining Redbrands down on the townsfolk, who would likely pay dearly for the party’s actions.

Wester informed the group that they were no longer welcome in town and ordered them to leave by sundown. Though it seemed that many of the townspeople were on the party’s side and were thankful for many of the Redbrands being eliminated, the group decided not to press the issue and made their way back to the Stonehill Inn to gather their things.

At the Inn, the group spoke with Toblen Stonehill, who confirmed that many of the townsfolk were thankful for what the group had done, but agreed that it was probably best if the party left town for a little while. Stonehill also told the party that the son of one of the townspeople, QellineAlderleaf, claimed to have seen some Redbrands disappearing into a hidden tunnel in a patch of woods just outside the town.

The party got directions from Stonehill to the Alderleaffarm and decided to check out the lead, hoping they could find a way to wherever the rest of the Redbrands were located.

QellineAlderleaf, a middle-aged woman living alone on her farm with her young son, Carp, was quite taken aback and fearful of the group when they approached her farm, especially of the Dragonborn Kava(Steph). Despite her fear, and with a promise that the group would leave afterward, she agreed to let Carp show the party where he had seen the Redbrands disappearing into the tunnel.

Carp led the group to a tunnel entrance hidden in a small hillock in a patch of woods just north of the AlderleafFarm and then ran off again to catch frogs. The party hid in a small thicket close enough to the hillock that they could watch the tunnel entrance.

That evening, the group saw three Redbrands make their way into the tunnel, but they left them unmolested. They camped out for a night, watching the tunnel entrance, but don’t witness anything further.

The next day, rested and restored, the group decided to press their luck and made their way into the tunnel. The entrance led into a long, unlit tunnel, wide enough for two to walk abreast, and inclined downward into the earth. The tunnel’s end opened up into a large cavern, bisected by a deep crevasse running down its center and spanned by two rickety-looking wooden bridges.

The cavern seemed unnaturally cold, and some of the party members could swear they heard a voice whispering in their ears. Nearly immediately after entering the cavern, several members of the party were attacked from above, by a creature that was able to blend into the surrounding rock.

The creature was exceptionally difficult to hit, but various members of the group did manage to do so, eventually being able to track it against the ceiling by following the arrows sunk into it. Deavous(Dan) and Esmerelda(Randy), the most injured of the group, retreated down a side hallway in the western part of the cavern and explored it for a moment, before moving back to rejoin the rest of the group.

And that’s where we left off.

Everyone who played that evening was awarded 100 XP for the session.

Our next gaming session will be Sunday, July 26th at 7:00 pm, if that works for everyone. If it doesn’t, or if you don’t think you’ll be able to make it, please let me know.

Again, thanks for bearing with me as I learn all of these DM skillz. I am trying, but I’m rapidly realizing it’s a much harder job than I thought it would be. I hope you guys are at least having some fun. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Enjoy the summer weather and be good mother fuckers.



New HomeBrew Rule Update – 20/7/4

Ok, everyone. Recently someone asked how I wanted to handle the concept of Spell Components for new spells you get when you level up. Do you just gain the Material Components automatically, or do you have to take time to gather/purchase them in game?

Since in 5e, pretty much every character seems able to cast spells (something I don’t like about this particular edition), I figure that it’s worth making a HomeBrew ruling on this question, and posting it here.

So, here’s my thoughts. The acquisition of Spell Components has to happen logically and organically in the game, meaning the following…

Since we ended our last session in the middle of a scene, anyone who gained new spells by leveling up will have to wait until there is an opportunity “In-Game” for their character to get any necessary Material Components they need before they can cast any new spells.

So, after your next long rest, or after your character finds themselves in town during the day, you can Roll a d20 for each of your needed components, and on a success (DC 10) you gain the components for that spell, meaning your character has found a source for that particular component. You have to roll for each new spell you’ve gained.

If anyone has any objections to that, let me know, but I feel that’s a fair way of doing things.

Remember to level up your character and send me a PDF before the next gaming session if you could.






Post Game-Night De-Briefing #9

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Ok, so here’s the re-cap from our last gaming session…

We re-joined the party out in front of The Sleeping Giant Tavern in Phandalin, where they were confronted by members of the Redbrand Ruffian gang that had been terrorizing the town.

They had run afoul of Mardred Jake, a ruffian tough, who did the talking, and a silent female, Hethoa Rarvat, who turned out to be a wizard. Two more members of the Redbrands had exited the tavern after the party arrived, Sebrem Vodz, and the charlatan they had met on the road into town, Simon Ainsley. Simon looked guilty and uncomfortable when he noticed the adventuring party standing in the street. A squat female dwarf named Rulura, disinterested in what was transpiring, leaned against the door-jamb of the tavern entrance.

Mardred had called out to two more gang members, who appeared from around the opposite corners of the tavern. These were half-orc twins named Ketar and Komon, both carrying large wooden war hammers. They took positions in front of and behind the party, while the rest of the Redbrands stood on the tavern porch.

A vicious, bloody battle ensued. The party got an early upper hand, felling one of the half-orcs, Ketar, quickly, with devastating attacks from Dargo(Chris) and Rurik(Andrew), aided by some spell-casting from Esmerelda(Randy).

The Redbrands dealt out their share of punishment, with Kava(Steph), Daevious(Dan) and Madame President(Sarah) suffering grievous injuries during combat, bringing them each to near death, despite attempts to heal them.

Early in the battle, the Redbrand wizard ran off, disappearing around the corner of the tavern and out of sight of the party, presumably abandoning her fellow gang members.

Keirnan(Jim), eager to take out more of the Redbrands, scaled the building across the street, and perched on it’s roof. He began firing arrows down at the gang members. The dwarven woman, Rulura disappeared inside of the Sleeping Giant.

The party managed to dispatch Sebrem and Simon in due course, opting to kill rather than capture and interrogate them. With only Mardred and the half-orc Komon remaining, and three of their own, Kava, Deavious and Madame President, unconscious and barely clinging to life, Dargo attempted to take out the remaining gang members while Rurik did what he could to heal his fallen comrades.

Though both Kava and Daevious were revived, Kava wound up taking additional damage which knocked her unconscious once again. Daevious played dead and used the distraction of the fighting to further heal himself.

Komon, the half-orc, moved in to close combat with Dargo and Rurik, providing a distraction for Hethoa, the wizard who had seemingly run away, to re-emerge from around the corner of the tavern and, scooping up Madame President, make off with the unconscious tiefling.

Dargo got in a slash in at the retreating wizard, and then gave chase, hoping to catch her and rescue the now kidnapped Madame President. Rurik, Esmerelda and the newly healed Daevious, along with Keirnan still on the roof across the street, were now left to deal with the gang’s leader, Mardred, and the remaining half-orc, Komon.

Daevious and Rurik dealt Komon several devastating blows, causing the half-orc to disengage and flee towards the woods. Esmerelda, Kiernan and Rurik turned their attention to Mardred, who they killed without much trouble. Rurik followed after Dargo to see if he could help bring down Hethoa and rescue Madame President, while Daevious, now again on his feet, gave chase after the halforc.

Esmerelda used her magiks to again heal Kava, pulling the dragonborn back from the precipice of death. Both then began to loot the bodies of the fallen Redbrands. Keirnan, after firing off a few more arrows at the fleeing half-orc, jumped down from the roof and followed Daevious into the woods to help chase down Komon.

Though encumbered by the tiefling, Hethoa managed to stay ahead of the pursuing dwarfs by using her arcane magiks. Temporarily blinding Dargo with a cloud of silvery smoke, she teleported further away, Madame President still hanging from her shoulders.

Rurik managed to catch up to the now stalled Dargo and, once the strange smoke had cleared, began firing crossbow bolts at the running wizard. Esmerelda, back in front of the Sleeping Giant, found a rolled up note on Mardred’s body. The note was from someone demanding the elimination of the adventuring party, signed with a mysterious sigil of a black spider.

Daevious caught up to Komon and, with a mighty, but stealthy, strike of his sword, delivered a fatal blow, felling the half-orc before sinking the blade of his dagger into it’s forehead for good measure.

Dargo fired another crossbow bolt at the fleeing wizard hitting her in the calf, and causing her to fall forward. The still unconscious Madame President was flung down to the ground. Dargo and Rurik both ensured that Hethoa was dead by stabbing at the ruffian, before looting her body, and then checking on the tiefling. They picked up Madame President and between them, carried her back to the group at the tavern.

Before reaching the Sleeping Giant, Rurik and Dargo noticed a group of townsfolk coming towards them from the center of town. They were lead by a short man dressed in finer, more official looking clothing. Once in earshot, the short man, Townmaster Harbin Wester, began haranguing the members of the party for the violence and murder they had committed in the streets, claiming that the party had done more harm than good for Phandalin, as the Redbrands were sure to take revenge for their murdered comrades out on the townsfolk.

And that’s where we left off.

Everyone who participated in the session was awarded enough XP to bring them up to 3rd level for the next time.

I’m currently working on sharpening my DM skills, so thank you all for bearing with my while I stumble through this. I’m still having a bit of trouble designing the combat encounters for such a large group, trying to make them challenging enough without making them too deadly. I’m also trying to not be so shy about getting into character for role-playing monster’s and NPC’s. With you guys, I shouldn’t worry so much about looking silly. Hopefully, things will continue to improve as we go on.

I hope you guys are having fun, and if not, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

As I had mentioned, because of the upcoming changes to my work schedule, we’ll be moving my game night to every other Sunday, so our next gaming session will be on Sunday, July 12, at 7:00 pm, if that works for everyone.

If you could level up your characters and send me a PDF copy before then, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks, and hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the nice weather.

Be good mutherfuckers.





Post Game-Night De-Briefing #8

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Ok, so here’s the re-cap from our last gaming session…

We had left our heroes camped out near the entrance to the goblin caves, in the small, hidden clearing where they had left the wagon and the horses while they explored the caverns. They had Yeemik, the hobgoblin traitor, captured and in tow, though he had been gravely injured.

The adventurers, once rested, continued on their way to Phandalin, rejoining the main road and traveling nearly all of the way there before their journey was interrupted.

About an hour and a half’s travel time outside of Phandalin, they encountered a red-cloaked individual, perched high up on a tree branch, claiming to represent Phandalin’s legal authority and demanding a toll of 10 gp per person to continue on the road. The group could see other red-cloaked individuals flitting in and out amongst the trees, but could not get an accurate gauge on how many others there were.

After a bit of an exchange, the group decided to pay the “toll” rather than try and force the issue with combat, and deliver the gold to Simon, the red-cloaked man in the tree, despite Simon’s advice that they’d be much better served to turn around and abandon their plans to travel to Phandalin.

Before the group can move on, three arrows are shot out of the woods from three separate directions, all aimed at Yeemik. One arrow embeds itself deep in the hobgoblin’s neck, killing him. The rest go wide.

Daevious confronts Simon about killing Yeemik after they’d been good enough to pay the toll, and Simon answers, cryptically, that he had done Yeemik a good turn by killing him rather than letting him live to see the consequences of his capture. The red-cloaks then melt back into the woods, leaving the party to continue on its way.

A short time later the group arrives in Phandalin, a new town built on the ruins of an ancient one. Most of the buildings are roughly built and stacked on the stone foundations of buildings long since gone. Though relatively young, the town is well populated, with a variety of shops and dwellings, and quite a few townsfolk going about their business during the day.

The group finds it’s way to Barthen’s Provisions on the northern end of town, in order to deliver the wagon in their trust. Upon meeting Barthen, the shopkeeper, they learn that Gundren Rockseeker hadn’t arrived in Phandalin as he was supposed to, and no word had been heard from him. They also discover that the red-cloaked Simon they had met on the road had lied to them and did not represent any type of official authority in the town, but was instead a member of a gang of bandits and ruffians named the Redbrands, which had been causing much trouble in Phandalin of late. From Barthen, the group also learns that the actual official authority in Phandalin, Harbin Wester, the Townmaster, is ineffectual, and not highly regarded.

Upon hearing of the group’s misfortune at the hand of the Redbrands on the highway, Barthen offers them a meal and a night’s stay at the Stonehill Inn, for which he will pay, and also provides the group with two days of fresh rations. He then gives the group directions to the Stonehill Inn, before the group leaves the Provision House.

At the Stonehill Inn, the group, while having a meal and arranging their lodgings, learn some of the town’s gossip. Most of the gossip centers around how much trouble the Redbrands are causing the townsfolk, even to the level of the murder of a local man who had stood up to them, and the apparent disappearance of that man’s family.

They also learn that the Sister who curates the only local temple, a shrine to the goddess of Luck, Tymora, was beaten by a group of ruffians, who many suspect to be the Redbrands, while she was out on business for her order.

After their meal, the group goes up to their rooms to stow their traveling gear and then decide to go into the town to ask around about the Redbrands. On their way out of the Inn, a miner enters through the main doors in a very upset state. The miner is ranting about roving Orc bands attacking the mining camps in the mountains outside of town, and how the Townmaster won’t do anything about the situation. The miner laments that there is no group brave enough to take on the encroaching Orcs.

Leaving the Inn, the group makes their way down toward the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, where they meet Halia Thornton. Her establishment, beyond just being the Miner’s Exchange, also a provision house, similar to Barthen’s, but much bigger and with much more and grander selection. Halia Thornton is the proprietress, and she also complains about the Redbrands, though the group had heard back at the Inn that the Redbrands tend to leave her and her shop alone.

Halia lets it slip that she’d be willing to offer a reward for the elimination of the Redbrand’s leader, ostensibly for the benefit of the town as a whole, but the group gets the feeling that she has a more personal reason for wanting the Redbrand leader eliminated. They suspect that she would see that as an opportunity to take some of the Redbrand leader’s power for herself.

Upon leaving the Exchange, the group next makes their way to the Shrine of Luck, to check in on Sister Garaele and see if they can offer her any help. Wary at first, Sister Garaele comes to trust the group and asks if they could help her by completing the mission she’d been on when she’d been attacked by the Redbrands. She had been on her way to coax some information out of a Banshee that lives in the ruins of a town a few days travel from Phandalin.

The group agrees to try and get the required information from the banshee, whose location lies along the same direction as the raiding Orcs. They leave the temple, and then decide to make their way to the Sleeping Giant Tavern, where they’re told the Redbrands tend to congregate. They hope to confront the Redbrands and see what they can do to eliminate their grip on the town.

Out in front of the Sleeping Giant, they encounter two of the red-hooded bandits, sitting on the Tavern’s porch, along with a stout dwarven woman who seems to be the Tavern’s door-person. As they engage one of the Redbrands in conversation, two more, one of whom is Simon, the Redbrand they met on the road, walk out of the Tavern. Simon recognizes the group, and seems fearful that he’s run into them again.

Before the group can do anything else, the first of the Redbrands that the group conversed with gives out a signal, calling two more of their group. Out from behind each corner of the Tavern, one in front of the party and one behind, step twin HalfOrcs, each a mirror of the other, and each carrying large war-hammers and almost comically short red cloaks.

And that’s where we left off…

At the end of the evening, each person that was present for the game night was awarded 75 XP.

As I had mentioned on Monday, the 3rd shift at my work has been extended now to July 10th, so I won’t be going on swing shift now until July 13th. So, for the time being, I’ll hold my game nights every other Monday evening until the shift change happens, and then re-schedule it from there, if that works for everyone.

So, our next game night will now fall on Monday, June 29th, at 7:00 pm. I do have an optometrist appointment that afternoon, but I don’t anticipate it going too late so it shouldn’t affect our start time. If it does, I’ll let everyone know.

Ok, I guess that’s it for now. Hope you’re all well. Be good mutha-fuckers.





Post Game-Night De-Briefing #7

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Ok, I know this is long overdue, so apologies first off, and I realize that given my last entry things with this game were kind of left up in the air. I’m hoping to fix that.

First off, the Re-cap –

The party, having defeated the goblins and hobgoblins in the Cistern Cave, ventured up a further set of stairs in the cave system which lead to what could only be described as a makeshift Throne-Room/Boss Lair.

The room was occupied by a few goblins, a couple of hobgoblins, a wolf that was in much better shape than the wolves discovered and dispatched by the group earlier in the game, and a large Bugbear who sat on a dilapidated throne and exuded an almost comical regal air.

The cave also contained two large piles of crates and barrels, which the group assumed must have been stolen by the goblins from caravans passing their ambush point.

The Bugbear identifies himself as Klarg, leader of the goblinoid tribe, and demands that the group surrender themselves. The group, of course, refused, and a battle ensued. One of the hobgoblins, a female, turned out to be a magic-user, and projected a protective shield around Klarg, and did some significant damage to members of the group as well.

Daevious(Dan) recognized that this throne room was the cave he had seen when he’d climbed up the natural chimney at the rear of the wolf kennel cave they had previously discovered.

Once the battle had solidly turned in favour of the group, a couple of the goblins as well as the Bugbear Klarg managed to escape both the melee and the cave itself by sliding down the natural chute/chimney that Daevous had discovered earlier. The rest of the goblins and hobgoblins in the cave were soon dispatched. However, while attacking the hobgoblin wizard with a fireball, Esmerelda(Randy) managed to ignite the two piles of stolen provisions, destroying them in the process.

That cave cleared and with little of value remaining undamaged within it, the party decided to move on a try to find where Klarg had escaped to. They crossed over the bridge they had previously seen from the lower levels of the cave system and onto another section of the caverns, which lead them past the crumbling staircase that they couldn’t climb up earlier.

The hallway moving beyond the crumbling staircase led to one final large cavern being used by some hobgoblins as a type of barracks. Within the barracks were several more goblins, including the ones that had escaped from the throne room, as well as Klarg the Bugbear. Also in the room were a few more hobgoblins, one of which was better dressed than the others, and held an older human male before it as a human shield.

The man is very beat up and unconscious, but alive, and the hobgoblin holds a very nasty knife to his throat. The human is Sildar Hallwinter, Gundren Rockseeker the dwarf’s companion. Klarg the Bugbear commands the goblinoids in the cave to attack the party, but the party manages to dispatch several of the goblins rather quickly.

The hobgoblin holding Sildar hostage, wanting to save his own skin and to possibly take Klarg the Bugbear’s position as leader of the goblin tribe, offers to turn the human over to the party in exchange for the Bugbear’s head.

The party agrees and immediately begins attacking Klarg.

The rest of the surviving goblinoids, unsure of who to side with, watch and wait to see what the outcome of the situation will be.

The party manages to kill Klarg quickly, and Daevous removes it’s head in order to present it to Yeemik, the hobgoblin. Yeemik, however, being a treacherous hobgoblin, decides that now that he is in command of the goblin den, decides to reneg on the deal, and demands an additional 500 gold pieces before turning over Sildar, or, he threatens, the party and the hostage will die.

The party refuses to pay the new ransom, and instead begin attacking the remaining goblins in an attempt to rescue Sildar. The group makes quick work of the goblins, but in the ensuing melee, Yeemik kills Sildar, denying the group their objective.

Yeemik is grievously injured after the group decides to attack him in anger for killing Sildar, forgetting that he may now be the only creature alive who knows the whereabouts of the dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker. Daevous threatens Yeemik with his sword, demanding that he tell them what’s become of Gundren, but Yeemik refuses, saying that giving them that information would result in a fate worse than death for him.

Yeemik then tries to commit suicide by impaling himself on Daevous’s sword, and nearly succeeds, but Daevous administers enough first aid to stabilize him, and then ties him up to prevent him from harming himself further.

The group then searches the cave fore whatever loot they can find before leaving the cave system, with a bound and unconscious Yeemik in tow, to make camp outside in the clearing in which they’d hidden the wagon.

And that’s where we left off.

Next order of business is Experience Points. Everyone who played is awarded 175 XP.

Now, as you may know, and as I stated in my most recent blog post, I’m recently back to work, which is throwing my available free time off as I try and get used to living like a Vampire again. Even more unfortunate is that will be a relatively short-lived situation, as in less than three weeks, at just about the time I’d be getting used to being on the midnight shift schedule again, my company will be cutting the 3rd shift at my plant and I’ll have to go back to days/afternoons swing shift.

So, I’ll have to get used to that schedule after being on steady midnights for the past twenty years. Add to that I’m still working through getting used to and living with my new meds, I don’t think life is going to settle into any kind of steady routine for me for at least another month.

Also, depending on which shift I eventually end up on, I might be on opposite shifts from Jim, which would mean he wouldn’t be available to play my game unless it was on a weekend.

While it’s possible that I could organize one or maybe two game nights before I go on swing shift, depending on how I’m feeling in the interim, it will be at least a month before I will be able to figure out a more consistent game schedule.

Sorry about all of this turning into such a pain in the ass, everyone, but I guess it is what it is. Hopefully, life will stop throwing curve balls some time soon, and things can settle into something a little more stable soon.

So for the time being, I’m going to say that this game is suspended until further notice. I’ll touch base with everyone individually over the next week or so to see what we can work out schedule wise for at least one more game night before my life gets turned upside down again, and we’ll see what we can work out.

Also, I do highly recommed that show I linked to in the chat group. Dan Harmon, who’s responsible for Rick and Morty if you’re a fan, gets together with some of his friends to play D&D, and then they animate the adventure. Hilarity ensues.

Hope you’re all well, and be good mother-fuckers.



Post Game-Night De-Briefing #6

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So, last game night we started with the party at the crossroads of the road to Phandalin, and a westerly running side road leading into hilly terrain.

At these crossroads, there was evidence of a recent battle that the group judged to be the result of a goblin ambush. The area was peppered with goblinoid foot-prints, as well as two sets of humanoid boot-prints, two large prints that could be fallen horses that fade away after a few feet, and bloodstains. The tracks lead west along the secondary road.

The group decided to investigate the tracks, suspecting that the humanoid prints might be those of Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter, who had contracted them to escort the provisions cart to Phandalin and had gone ahead of them.

After traveling five miles along the new road, the group comes upon a cave entrance, partially hidden by brier patches, with a stream coming from it’s mouth. There seems to be evidence of recent goblin activity at the cave entrance.

Noticing an opening in the brier bushes to the east of the cave mouth, Daevious(Dan) decides to scout ahead to investigate if it may be a good place to stow the wagon while they explore the cave.

Daevious discovers that the opening leads to a guard blind, manned by two goblin guards. The goblins were being lax at their jobs, bored and not paying attention and were thus easily snuck up on by Daevious. The goblins were easily dispatched by Daevious, and the group forded the wagon across the stream to store in the blind.

Upon entering the cave, the group discovers that the hill conceals a series of interconnected caverns. The first cavern they discover contains three mangy and under-fed wolves, each chained to a spike in the ground. The wolves can not leave the cavern, as the chains don’t extend that far, but are snarling and snapping at the end of their chains at the group, stretching them to their limits.

Rurik Frostbeard(Andrew) and M. President(Sarah) try and calm the animals, but fail, and some of the group begins to dispatch the poor creatures while the rest explore a bit further up the cave system’s main passage.

Once the wolves are dead, Daevious decides to explore the wolf’s den further, finding at the far end a natural chimney/garbage chute of sorts, leading upward about 30 feet. He climbs the chimney and finds it opens into a large cavern up top, in which he sees several goblins and hobgoblins, along with a bugbear seated on a dilapidated parody of a throne. The room also contains piles of crates and barrels, seemingly newly acquired.

Daevious makes his way back down and rejoins the group. He first tells only Dargo Loadstone(Chris), and then the rest of the group, what he’d seen at the top of the chimney.

The group made it’s way further into the cave and came to a “Y”, one passage splitting off to the west while the main passage containing the stream continued north, curving eastward. Further down the main passage, they could just see the south side of a wooden bridge, high above their heads and presumably joining another passage crossing above the stream.

The western passage was a steep tunnel leading up, that had collapsed and broken into mostly rubble. Partway up there was a sizable ledge that could be reached by climbing, but it was unsure if the ledge would be stable enough to use. Both M. President and Kava Delmirev(Stephanie) attempted to climb onto the ledge, but neither could manage it. Rurik did eventually make his way up, but, even with rock climbing equipment, couldn’t climb from the ledge to the higher passage above it. The effort was abandoned, and the group decided to continue on the main, northern passage.

A flight of rough-hewn, stone steps beside a waterfall in the stream broke up the passage, which continued above, and Esmerelda Smoak(Randy) was the first to climb the steps. Once able to see over the top step, Esmerelda discovered that on the bridge further above the passage, a goblin guard stood on patrol. The guard had not noticed Esmerelda, so she dispatched the guard with ease, without destroying the bridge.

The group, continued on, up the steps and under the bridge, following the curving passage to yet another set of steps by yet another water fall. Once at the top, a third set of stone steps and another waterfall confronted them, but the top seemed to open into another cavern.

Daevious is the first to climb the final steps, and crests the top to discover several goblins and three hobgoblins, guarding what appears to be twin cisterns of spring water that have been damned and are the basins that feed the stream.

Daevious beings to attack the group of goblinoids, costing the group any element of surprise, but the group manages to dispatch the goblins and hobgoblins without too much trouble, and without giving them a chance to break the dams and flood the caverns.

With the latest group of goblinoids dispatched, Daevious moves to the far end of the cavern, where he discovers another flight of steps leading into yet another cavern above.

And that’s where we ended the session.

So, for XP, since it turned out to be a rather easy session, everyone gets 150 xp.

The session seemed to go reasonably well, though I’ll admit it was a bit easy. Since the group’s leveled up, I should have ramped up the difficulty a bit. I won’t make that mistake next time.

Our next session will be Monday, May 19, at 7:00 pm, unless that doesn’t work for too many people. If you’re unable to make it, please let me know.

Be a good Mutha Fucka.



Dramatis Personae – Redux

(Cast of Characters)


Figure I should post an updated list of the players in our group, as well as their corresponding characters since we’ve had some changes.






Chris is playing Dargo Loadstone, a Dwarf Fighter.







Dan is playing Daevious, an Elven Ranger.









Jim is playing Kiernan Moonshadow, an Elven Rogue.








Randy is playing Esmerelda Smoak, an Elven Wizard.







Sarah is playing Madame President, a Tiefling Assasin.













Stephanie is playing Kava Delmirev, a Dragonborn Paladin.







Andrew is playing Rurik Frostbeard, a Hill Dwarf Cleric.


Post Game-Night De-Briefing #5

(For previous entries, scroll down…)


We began the game session with the bulk of the party having spent another long rest in
the statue room just before the Knights’ Tomb. Though they had consumed nearly all of
their provisions, they started the night well rested and in reasonably good health.

Kiernan Moonshadow(Jim) had returned from the village to find the double doors leading to the statue room in the temple shut and barred from the inside. He began pounding on the doors, trying to get the attention of anyone on the inside.

Inside the locked room, Daevious(Dan), hearing the pounding on the door, suspects that more of the goblins that had made a nest inside the temple had returned and were trying
to get back in. Preparing for yet another ambush, Daevious readied his bow and opened
the doors wide.

Before the doors opened, Kiernan, thinking that there was no one left alive behind the
doors, begins to leave the temple, making his way back into the entry corridor before the
doors on the other side of the room are flung open.

As Daevious enters the dark offering room, he sees a silhouette at the limit of his vision,
and assumes it’s another enemy. He fires an arrow at the dark shape, hitting it squarely.

Kiernan, now injured from Daevious’s arrow, also fires an arrow back in his defense,
hitting Daevious, and then retreats around the corner of the corridor to get out of range.
A small melee ensues, with the rest of the group moving into the Offering Room.

Eventually, the group figures out that it’s Kiernan that they’ve been attacking, and the
combat stops, though the verbal fighting between Daevious and Kiernan continues.
Daevious is still very angry at what he sees as Kiernan’s abandoning the group in order
to claim all of the glory and reward for rescuing the Blacksmith’s daughter.

Kiernan, however, is adamant that he did not take all the credit, telling the Blacksmith that the entire party was responsible for rescuing the girl, and had decided to stay and rest at the temple while he returned the girl to the village.

After M. President(Sarah) finally made the two cease their arguing, Kiernan informs the group of the Dwarf’s offer. He informs Dargo Loadstone(Chris) that a dwarf claiming to be his distant cousin, named Gundren Rockseeker and his human companion, Sildar Hallwinter, had been asking after him, hoping to hire him and his party to escort a wagon-load of provisions for him to the city of Phandalin in the north.

Dargo seems annoyed at the mention of his distant cousin, and explains that his cousin
and his brothers have always been seen as n’er-do-wells in his family. They always have a get-rich-quick scheme that for one reason or the other never seems to pan out.

Though Daevious is still hesitant, and un-trusting of Kiernan, the group decides to head
back to Hommet, see about the job and get supplies and provisions.

The group makes it back into town without incident, and are treated well upon their return. The Blacksmith offers to cover their expenses at the inn while they are in town, so they get more rest and food.

After their meal, while the group goes off to rest in their respective rooms, Daevious and
Kiernan remain behind in the inn, separately, to try and glean more information about Phandalin. They discover that the town now has a very seedy reputation as a lawless
smuggler’s encampment, full of danger.

While the place used to be a well known and thriving settlement many years ago, it was abandoned after a devastating war many years ago, and never recovered.
Phandalin of late, though, has again begun to rebuild, only this time as a lawless
smuggler’s town, riddled with gangs and cut-throats. Rumors of some type of hidden
treasure near-by has attracted many adventure-seekers, most of them unsavoury, and has caused a large increase in goblin-related activity in the surrounding area for some reason.

Kiernan discovers some less than savory characters passing through Hommet and
having dinner at the Inn, and asks them to relay a message to a contact at their

Daevious orders some new armour from the Blacksmith as a partial reward for rescuing his daughter, and Daevious, M. President and Kava(Steph) make their way to the Reeve to cash in their goblin-ear bounties.

Though Dargo warns the party that this new job will likely end in empty pockets for them all, knowing his distant cousins as he does, the group opts to take on the task of delivering the wagon-load of provisions to Phandalin.

The party leaves for Phandalin shortly after lunch, and has an uneventful first day of
travel. The horses are not in the best of shape, but the group manages to make good time
before having to stop for the night to camp.

Partway through the next day, they have to leave the Grand Trunk Road and turn
northeast on the road to Phandalin. They travel for the rest of that day without incident.

On their third day of travel the terrain turns hilly, and they come to a part in the road bound on one side by forest, and on the other by a cliff that extends up to fifteen feet above them. At one point on this road, they come across the carcasses of two dead horses, effectively blocking their way further.

As they stop to investigate, they are fired upon by at least three goblins perched up on top of the cliff. The group makes quick work of the three goblins they can see, but it is
unknown how big the goblin party originally was, and if any escaped.

Daevious scales the cliff to investigate the area up top, and sees a well-worn goblin path
extending north west to meet up with another road further away, and while he finds
evidence of goblins, he can see none alive. Daevious descends and informs the group of
what he saw.

The group clears the road of the dead horses and continue on their way. They travel less
than fifteen minutes before they come to a crossroad with the road that Daevious had
seen from the cliff top. In the center of the crossroad lies evidence of a recent battle, with
many goblin foot-prints, the prints of a larger creature, and those of two pairs of boots
worn by a larger and a smaller humanoid. There is also evidence of the bodies of two large creatures being dragged away for several feet, before those tracks just disappear. Several dried bloodstains also mar the ground.

And that’s where the group left off.

Ok, so on to some other business…

It seems last game night I neglected to give out Experience Points at the end of the session, so I’m going to post what you’ve all earned here…

Chris gets 50 points since he couldn’t join us for the evening, but I had to use him as a temporary NPC to move the game along. Sorry.

Everyone else gets 150 points, as there wasn’t a lot of combat during the evening, since it was more tying loose ends of the first adventure, and beginning of the second.

If the new XP moves anyone up a level, which I don’t think it does, let me know and please level up your character and send me the PDF.

If you needed to fix anything from last game night regarding your character level and still need to send me a new PDF, please do so before Monday.

So I think that’s it. Hopefully I’ll see you all again on Monday, May 11, at 7:00 pm for our next game. If you can’t make it, please let me know.

Be a good mutha-fucka.



Post Game-Night De-Briefing #4

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So, we met again this past Sunday, for our fourth Monday Night D&D game, :p, and here’s the apres-jeux breakdown.

We started back up with Keirnan Moonshadow (Jim) having decided to leave the party upon killing the goblins who had kidnapped Jenna, the Blacksmith’s daughter, in order to escort the girl back to her parents in the Villiage of Hommet.

The rest of the party was none-to-pleased, as many were injured following the fight, and needed rest and recuperation. The party essentially felt that Keirnan was abandoning them to claim the credit and reward for himself. Keirnan fully intended to return, and only wanted to ensure that the girl got back to her home as soon as possible.

On the way back to Hommet, on the Grand Trunk Road in the middle of the night, Keirnan and Jenna were surprised by two goblins, returning to their nest with a sheep they had presumably stolen from a local farm. Keirnan suffered severe injuries during the ensuing battle but managed to kill one of the goblins and scare off the other.

The two managed to make it back to Hommet in the early morning, though with Keirnan’s injuries, the journey took much longer than expected, and they only arrived just after daybreak, much to the delight of the girl’s parents.

Back at the underground Temple/Tomb, the remainder of the party had barred themselves into the room containing Sextus Varius’s statue and spent an unmolested night making camp and resting. Hours later, after regaining some of the strength they had lost in combat and healing some, the group inspected what they thought to be a secret door. The door had been revealed earlier after Daneel Olivaw (Mike) had recited the Oath of the Delian Order.

Using their strength, Daevious (Dan) and Dargo Loadstone (Chris) managed to open the heavy secret door, revealing a large tomb beyond. The tomb had not been visited in a very long time, as evidenced by the layers of dust covering everything in the room. The room contained twelve sarcophagi, each with the design of a Knight carved into its lid. At the rear of the room was a larger, more ornate sarcophagus, with the image of Sextus Varius carved into it.

There was much debate about opening the sarcophagi to search for treasure. Much hemming and hawing, much arguing, much dilly dally-ing, much hand-wringing, much old-lady bickering, much indecisive and useless debate, much lolly-gagging and loitering, much fruitless worry-worting, much mind-numbing blah-blah-blah before the decision was finally made, after much discussion, to open one of the sarcophagi.

Daevious decided to open Sextus’ own sarcophagus. Before he managed to get the lid all the way off of the casket, Sextus‘ mummified hand reached up and slid the lid off the rest of the way and onto the floor.

Several of the other sarcophagus lids were also pushed aside by their occupants, as seven of the other mummified Knights were also awaked from their eternal slumber by the group’s attempt to rob their graves.

A battle ensued, in which several of the party, Daevious, Esmerelda Smoak (Randy), Dargo, and M. President (Sarah), were badly injured, but the party managed to defeat the reanimated corpses of the Delian Knights when Sextus was cleaved in twain by Dargo’s axe. With their leader again consigned to death, all of the revenant knights fell into dust, leaving only their weapons behind.

After M. President was partially healed by Daneel, and Daevious stabilized, there was again much debate about opening the rest of the sarcophagi to search for treasure. Much hemming and hawing, much arguing, much dilly dally-ing, much hand-wringing, much old-lady bickering, much indecisive and useless debate, much lolly-gagging and loitering, much fruitless worry-worting, much mind-numbing blah-blah-blah before the decision was finally made, and after much discussion, Esmerelda decided to open one of the still closed sarcophagi.

The party found a goodly supply of golden coin, the fine longswords of the long-buried Knights (Esmerelda managed to grab Sextus‘ longsword, which was much finer than the rest) two spell scrolls and two vials of liquid, one of which Esmerelda drank, and thus gained renewed health and vitality.

Back in the Villiage of Hommet, Keirnan , having nearly collapsed on the road after returning Jenna to her parent’s home, was taken in and given shelter and food by Jago, the Blacksmith, and his wife, who were extremely thankful for their daughter’s safe return.

After spending the morning and early afternoon recovering, Keirnan is introduced to a dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker, and his human companion, Sildar Hallwinter, who inform him that they are on their way to the town of Phandalin with a wagon of provisions in tow. They are in need of a team to escort their wagon for them, however, as they need to make haste to Phandalin, and the wagon will slow them down too much.

Gundren informs Keirnan that he knows and is distantly related to Dargo, and asks if the party would, in exchange for 10 gold pieces each, deliver the wagon to a provisioner’s in Phandalin.

Keirnan agrees to inform the rest of the party of the job, and let Dargo know that his distant relation is the one making the request, and then prepares to return to the party back at the underground Temple/Tomb.

And that’s where we’ll start up again on Monday.

So, some notes.

It turns out that I’ve been doing Hit Points wrong. I told you I wasn’t all that good at this. 😉

Image 2

So, after a Short Rest, between 1 and 4 hours, you get to choose how many of your Hit Dice (you were all level 1, so you only had one Hit Die anyway) to roll, and that’s what you get back in Hit Points. But once you use a Hit Die, you can’t use that one again until after a Long Rest.

After a Long Rest, 8 hours minimum, you get all of your Hit Points back. You also regain up to HALF of your total Hit Dice for the day.

I have to say that I don’t find that system realistic, as I can’t see how just one night would totally heal someone who’s just suffered serious injuries, but 5e seems to do a lot of things I don’t agree with, just to make the game “simpler”.

So from now on, we’ll be going by the rules as far as recovering Hit Points through rest goes.

Sorry about that, and thanks for bearing with me as I unlearn all of the rules from past games that I thought I remembered 😉

So, after our last session, just about everyone, other than Steph’s character Delmirev Kava have collected enough XP to advance to Level 2.

As I said Sunday, you’re all welcome to re-do your characters using resources like D&D Beyond if you like, as long as you use all the ORIGINAL ATTRIBUTE ROLLS from the first time you did it. I’ll be checking 😛

You can then level them up, either using the old system or letting D&D Beyond do it for you. Either way, please send me a .pdf copy of your new, leveled up character, asap please, so I can update my resources.

I’m also going to try and get some of the Background Details that I’d mentioned to all of you before Sunday, so you can incorporate them into your character as well.

Ok, that’s it for this de-brief, hope you’re all well, and see you for our next game session, on Monday, May 4th, at 7:00 pm. 

Wear something Star Wars related, if you have it 😉



Post Game-Night De-Briefing #3

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So, we’re up to three consistent nights of game-play, which is awesome, considering that when I first put out feelers for this idea, I wasn’t sure we’d make it past one meet-up. I’m glad it’s working out as well as it has so far, and hope you’re all having as good a time with it as I am.

So to recap the events from our last game night…

We started with the party crouching in the corridor of the underground knight’s shrine, just past the first main room, after just having avoided a being skewered by an ancient scythe triggered by a pressure trap in the corridor floor.

After scouting around the corner, Daevious(Dan) sees another room at the end of a perpendicular corridor, somewhat better lit than the room before, with murmurs and mutterings emanating from it. As he turns to inform the rest of the group of what he sees, he notices movement behind the group, just past the propped open metal doors leading back into the previous room, and quickly moves to investigate.

In the previous room, he discovers a tall, black dragon-born female (Delmirev Kava – Steph), her arms raised and weapons at her feet, in a pose meant to be non-aggressive. Daevious, who is predisposed to hate all dragon-kind, rushes Kava and knocks her to the floor, despite her non-aggressive stance.

After questioning, Kava reveals that she had been spending the last few days in the surrounding woods hunting goblins for bounty, and stumbled across the group entering the underground temple, which she had taken, quite correctly, as a goblin nest, and observed them going in, then out again, and then once more back in.

She had debated approaching the group when they had made camp before their second sortie into the ancient temple but decided just to follow and continue to observe them, hoping to be able to gather up what trophies the group neglected to gather for themselves.

While the rest of the group had gathered back in the previous room to witness what was going on between Daevious and Kava, Kiernan Moonshadow(Jim) happened to turn back around and notice that a goblin was observing them from the junction of the two corridors and correctly surmised that the group had lost the element of surprise.

Deciding to table the situation with the newly discovered Kava, the group turned back around and moved in to try and clear the next room in the “dungeon” to see if they could make any further progress in their mission to find and save Jago the Blacksmith’s daughter, Bess.

After using ranged attacks from within the corridor to clear their entry into the room, the party moved in and engaged in combat. Within the large room, they found six goblins, one of which was at the far end of the room and dressed in priestly robes, muttering incantations, and brandishing a moderately ornate longsword. Very near this priestly goblin, the Blacksmith‘s daughter was imprisoned in a hanging, wooden cage.

The room also held two hobgoblins, which seemed tasked with protecting the priestly goblin.

The group was successful in killing all of the enemies in the room but didn’t manage to get much information from the priestly goblin as to the purpose of the kidnapping and ritual. The deathblow to the goblin priest was delivered by Esmerelda Smoak(Randy), who felled it with a Magic Missle spell.

When all the goblins were defeated and the Blacksmith‘s daughter released from her cage, Daneel Olivaw(Mike) examined the room, specifically a large statue of Sextus Varius, as well as an inscription carved into the wall behind the statue. After enlisting the help of M. President(Sarah) to again decipher the inscription, Daneel discovers it to be a riddle, which he promptly answers aloud, triggering the reveal of a formerly hidden, but still locked door at the rear of the room.

The group spends some time debating their next move. Kiernan decides that, despite the decision of the rest of the group to remain and rest in the room to gain back some energy, he is going to accompany the Blacksmith‘s daughter back to the village of Hommet to reunite her with her family, and then return to the temple to join the party and explore the dungeon further.

Much of the party is in disagreement with Kiernan’s choice, but no one moves to physically stop him. The group settles down for a rest in the large room, keeping guard against further attack.

At the conclusion of gameplay for that evening, I awarded everyone 290 Experience Points, which is just shy of what you all need to move up to Level 2.

And that’s where we’ll pick things up next time.

So, the only real other business we have is when to hold our next game night for this adventure. A couple of our group can’t make it on Monday, and Tuesday doesn’t work out for a few, so it seems like the going consensus is to hold our game night on Sunday night. If anyone can’t make Sunday, please let me know and I’ll see what else can be arranged.

So, unless there are any other issues surrounding our next meetup, I’ll hopefully “see” you all again on Sunday evening at 7:00 pm.

Hope you guys are well,



Post Game-Night De-Briefing #2

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So, we had our second game-night a couple of nights ago, and it’s past time for a de-briefing.

We left our band of adventurers just after they re-entered the “dungeon” for the second time, after retreating to rest and heal from their encounter with the goblins and the bugbear in the first room.

We began the night with the adventurers opting to rest in a forest clearing near the spot in the road where they had encountered a goblin patrol, led by a bugbear the night before. After a night’s rest and some breakfast, the group decided to see if they could follow the trail of the one goblin that escaped the night before to see if it could lead them to where the Blacksmith’s daughter was being held.

Before breaking camp, M. President and Kiernan Moonshadow went back to the road to talk, and gather loot and trophies. Kiernan gathered up weapons and coin from the bodies, the coin to share and the weapons to give to the Blacksmith to melt down and make better items for the group. M. President gathered trophies in the form of ears, for their bounty. Upon being discovered, both Keirnan and M. President agreed to share what they had gathered with the group once their quest was over.

After a few hours of searching, the group discovered a small shrine atop a hill in a clearing. Cut into one side of the hill was a carved doorway with stairs leading down into the hill. The doorway was guarded by two goblins, which Daevious and Kiernan Moonshadow dispatched.

After searching the surrounding area and the shrine on the hilltop, the group made its way down into the hill, and into the first “room” of the “dungeon”.

The “dungeon” is believed by most of the group to be an underground temple or shrine once used by an order of knights. Daneel Olivaw, with some help from M. President, managed to decipher the bas relief writing on the south wall of the first room to read…

“I, Sextus Varius, swear the Delian Oath – To Serve Law, Battle Chaos, and Strive to keep the Delian Lore Secret.”

The group fought six goblins and one bugbear in the first room, killing all but one goblin, which managed to escape past the swinging steel doors on the opposite side of the room. As members of the group were seriously injured after the fight, it was decided to retreat back to the forest clearing to rest and heal.

After approximately six hours of rest, the party re-entered the underground temple and made their way back into the first room, which was much as they had left it, save for the absence of corpses, which had somehow been removed. Trying the doors at the far end of the room, they found them to be barred from the other side.

Dargo Loadstone broke through the barred doors and the group entered another dark corridor, where Daveous narrowly avoided being skewered by an old scythe after triggering a long-disused pressure-trap.

Once rounding another corner, the group was able to see into a large room, better lit than the previous one had been, from where faint mutterings could be heard.

That’s where we left off, and where we’ll pick up again on Monday.

Ok, on to other business.

First off, this last month has been hard on all of us. The isolation, idleness, uncertainty and even fear and anger that we’ve all experienced in these past few weeks are sure to have taken some toll on each of us, no matter how good we may be at covering it up. I know I’ve found myself prone to bouts of irritability at times, so if I snapped or got a bit aggro in the game last time, I do apologize. I didn’t mean to take that kind of shit out on anyone, and I’ll try better to keep a lid on it going forward.

Also, there’s been a question about the “rules” for using two weapons during combat. Unfortunately, as I’ve discovered doing research since the last game night, the Player’s Handbook is a bit ambiguous and confusing regarding the game mechanics for two-weapon fighting.

Now, I’m used to the Ad&d 2nd edition rules on using two weapons, which is…


…so, I’m used to the idea that using a two-weapon fighting style without having some type of proficiency in “Dual-Wielding” incurs a penalty to strike. This makes sense to me, as you’re never usually as good doing something with your “off-hand” as you are with your main hand, unless you’ve spent a great deal of time practicing at it, or you happen to be ambidextrous, which most people are not.

Now, in 5th edition, the Player’s Handbook says this…


So, without any proficiency or skill, any character can engage in two-weapon fighting by expending a Bonus Action. There’s no mention of penalty to either strike.

Also, in regards to Bonus Actions, the 5e PHB says…


See what I mean about ambiguous? So, researching on various message boards and other “unofficial” resources hasn’t helped much, as every one seems to be of a different opinion.

On page 6 of the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook, it also states the following…


So, I’m posting a new House Rule in regards to two-weapon fighting in this campaign…

From now on, any player who’s character does not have a stated proficiency or “official” skill in Two-Weapon Fighting, can do so, but with the following penalties. You can only use “light” weapons in each hand, and on your second, technically “bonus” off-hand attack, your attack bonus is half of what it normally is. You also don’t get to add your ability modifier bonus to damage on the off-hand strike.

So, if you’re using a short sword, where you’d maybe normally get a +4 to attack, you’d only get a +2 on your offhand strike.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing, or TL/dr. If it was, I’ll explain it better “in person” at the next game night.

Our next game-night will be this coming Monday, April 20, at 7:00 pm. As before, I’ll send a link to the meeting room in the FB Messenger group chat at about 6:30.

I’ll try to have any character avatars that people have sent me updated by then. If you’d like your avatar changed, please send me a .jpg or .png of your character asap.

We may also have a new person joining us Monday, Jim’s partner Steph has asked if she can join the game. I’m going to try and feed her in at a logical point in the game if I can.

Below, I’m going to re-post the links to the resources that some of our group have been posting in the FB Messenger group chat so that we don’t have to scroll back in that feed to find them if we need to. I may also gather up all of the links to resources I’ve posted in this blog and re-post them on a separate Resource page to make them easier to find.

Ok, that was a long one. Lol. I’ll be surprised if you guys actually read this far. 😉

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday.


New Resources –

AnyFlip – 5e D&D Player’s Handbook

Shadowrun Quickstart Rules

D&D Beyond


Dramatis Personae

(Cast of Characters)


I was asked to post a list of the players in our group, as well as their corresponding characters since a few of you have never met each other IRL.


Chris is playing Dargo Loadstone, a Dwarf Fighter.

Dan is playing Daevious, an Elven Ranger.

Jim is playing Kiernan Moonshadow, an Elven Rogue.

Mike is playing Daneel Olivaw, a Human Cleric.

Randy is playing Esmerelda Smoak, an Elven Wizard.

Sarah is playing Madame President, a Tiefling Assasin.


Post Game-Night De-Briefing #1

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Hey, everybody, hope you all had a good time last night. I know I did.

Thanks again to all of you for “showing up”. I wasn’t sure there would be any interest in doing an online game when I first put the suggestion out there, and I’m glad to see that I was wrong. I hope we can keep this going, at least for as long as we’re all on lockdown in these crazy times.

So, just to remind everyone where we left off …

Jim’s character, Kiernan Moonshadow, was off in the woods, about 150 feet away from the party, north of the Grand Trunk Road, having tried to chase after the one goblin that escaped.

Chris‘ and Mike’s characters, Dargo Loadstone and Daneel Olivaw were both critically injured but recovering, lying prone on the road back with the main party.

The rest of the party, Dan (Daevious), Randy (Esmerelda Smoak) and Sarah (M. President) were all relatively uninjured, still on the road, surrounded by five dead goblins and one bugbear corpse.

It is evening, about 10:00 pm.

So that’s where we’ll pick things up next time.

Speaking of next time, it was decided to do a Wednesday night game until Dan can get his Wed. game going next week, so we’ll be meeting again tomorrow night, April 15th, at 7:00 again, if that works for everyone.

After that, I think we decided that we’d game every Monday for the time being (or at least until we can break quarantine :p ).

If anyone has any suggestions as to how we can improve on how things ran last night, please let me know.

If you want to change the avatars that I used for your characters on the play maps, feel free to send me a .jpg or .png image, and I’ll swap out the one I’d assigned you.

If anyone wants me to send digital copies of any of the source material (Player’s Handbook, etc.), just ask. I think I can send that through email.

Otherwise, looking forward to “seeing” you all again tomorrow night.

Be well,

– Rob



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Ok, it’s Game Day, folks! 🙂

So far, I’ve gotten three (3) character sheets total, from the eight (8) -ish people who I think have expressed interest in playing. Please try and get your characters to me at least a couple of hours before the game at 7:00, as I do need to do some prep work with them, and I don’t want to tie up game time doing so.

At around 6:30 pm, I’ll send you all a link to join the Zoom meeting room we’ll be holding the game in. Once you see the link, just click on it and you should be taken right into the room. Try and arrive (?) a little early if you can, just in case things don’t go exactly that smoothly and we have to tweak things a bit for you.

Try and have all of your stuff together when you show up, so set up doesn’t take up too much game time. I want to minimize people sitting around, bored and waiting for me to fix something or another.

So, a bit of a note on tonight’s adventure…

I didn’t expect this much interest, so when I originally thought up this idea, I designed a simple, “Dungeon-Crawl“-y adventure, for 3-4 low-level players. Something we could hack out in one night, just to see how we’d go about setting up an online game and if we could make it work, and make it fun.

As I said, we’ve got eight (8) people who’ve expressed interest, which is awesome, but a bit on the large size, group-wise. It’s also a mix between veteran, novice, and brand-new players, as far as I can tell.

So, I’ve expanded the adventure as best I can, but you veterans may find it a bit on the easy side, while you novice and new players may find it slightly difficult.

I’m also, as I mentioned, not a very experienced DM in 5th Edition, nor have I ever DM’d an online game before, so please, have a bit of patience with me as I stumble along.

I’m hoping this goes over well and can become a regular thing. There’s going to be a bit of a learning curve, but with a little patience, I think we can make this work.

So, that’s it for now. Looking forward to “seeing” you all tomorrow night, and hope you’re doing well surviving the current Apocalypse.

As always, if you need any help with any of this, just gimme a shout.




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So, a bit more news…

We’ve moved our first game night to Monday, April 13 (Easter Monday) at 7:00 pm. so that hopefully everyone can participate. If that’s a problem for anyone, please let me know.

Also, Randy, a cousin of mine who’ll also be playing, has graciously offered to share his Zoom account with me, so we’ll be switching from Hangouts to Zoom. Don’t worry if you’ve never been to a Zoom meeting, it’s very easy. On game night, I’ll just send you a link to the meeting room through Facebook Messenger, you’ll click on the link and that will take you right to the meeting room.

If you haven’t decided on a character yet, or gotten around to making one up, I have another list of pre-generated characters you can choose from if you like. I’ll post a link to the list below.

One cool thing I did discover – Siri, Alexa and Cortana can make dice rolls for you. Just ask … “Siri, roll one D twenty (or any other combination of dice, etc.) and she should come up with a suitable random number for you.

I’ve also found another web-based die roller you can use if nothing else works for you. I’ll link that as well.

If anyone needs any help whatsoever with either rolling up a character or anything else, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

Also, please try and get your character sheets to me as soon as you can, as I do have to do a bit of prep work with them before the game. Thanks.

More Pre-Generated Characters

Dice Roller

Hope you are all doing well. Looking forward to game night.




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Ok, so, folks, things are starting to come together.

I’ve decided, for now anyway, to stick with using Google Hangouts. If you use Google Chrome as your browser or are using an Android tablet or phone, you’ve likely already got it installed. It’s not the best solution, but it’s the easiest for me to get up and running.

For some reason, Discord won’t recognize my built-in camera, so until I get that sorted, Discord is out.

Zoom would be ideal, but it limits free users to meetings of only 40 minutes long, not nearly long enough for a play session. I don’t want to put out the $20 per month to get a paid subscription, and I think it would get annoying to have everyone stop every 40 minutes and then sign back in again, so it’s out as well.

Beyond that, I haven’t checked out any other options. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me and maybe we’ll look into those for a later session.

When it gets closer to game night, I’ll send along some links to how to log into/set up Hangouts, in case anyone has trouble.

When you’ve finished rolling up/choosing your character, I’d ask that you send me a copy. If you did it all as a PDF or other digital file, send it along. If you went the pencil and paper route, just snap a (legible) pic of it and forward it to me. If you just want to pick one from the premade list I posted, let me know which one, and what you’d like their name to be.

Things you should have…

Pencil and paper (maybe an eraser, too)

– an internet-connected device (laptop, tablet, phone) on which to play

– a webcam, either built into your device or plug and play, it doesn’t have to be fancy

– a microphone – a separate decent quality one would be ideal (stand-alone or head-set) but the one built into your device should work fine as well. (On game night, I’d ask that if you’re not speaking, you mute your mic to cut down on ambient sound and make it easier for everyone to hear the game action – There will be a text-based way to communicate with each other if you want to chat outside of game-play)

headphones (they’ll make it much easier for you to hear what’s going on)

RPG Dice, or a Dice Rolling emulator/app you can use on your device (I’ll post some links to some as I find them )

– Optional – Your own copy of the rules/sourcebooks

Booze/weed/coffee/tea/pop(soda) or whatever you’d like to consume while we play – just please, consume away from the mic, chewing or slurping sounds are gross 😉

– your Character Sheet, either physically (on paper), or digitally on your device or phone, so you can reference back to it for your stats or info during gameplay.

Things you need to do before we play –

– send me a copy of your completed character – as the DM, it would make it a lot easier if I had my own copy of your character, and will make things go a bit quicker (I hope), so, if you rolled up your character on your device, send me a PDF or .doc file, if you could, or if you did yours on paper, just snap a decent pic of it, and send it to me when you have the time, please.

I’m aiming to have everything ready to go for this Sunday, April 12th (Easter Sunday), from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, but that is certainly negotiable, depending on everyone’s schedule. Let me know if that works/doesn’t work for you, and I can work on something more definite.

9 Best dice roller apps for Android

Best Dice Roller apps for iOS

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller

Ok, that’s it for this Update. Hope you guys are all doing ok.




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Character Creation-

We have a few options for Character creation for the upcoming game, and I do have a few requests.

Firstly, I’d like to limit the characters to Level 1 and their alignments to Neutral or Good Alignments Only – No Evil characters, please, at least for now. This is meant to be an entry-level adventure, and playing an evil-aligned character may mess the experience up for first-time or novice players. This may change later on if we manage to keep this game going beyond a few game nights.

You are welcome to roll up your own characters if you like and have done so before. You can use the processes outlined in the 5e Player’s Handbook if you have a copy, or in the Basic Rules through the link I sent you. I just ask that you keep it to Level 1, and not use any of the supplemental Rule books for classes or races (keep it simple) or any of the alternate resources available (alternate systems like Pathfinder, etc.)

(I normally use the Roll 4d6 and Drop the Lowest method of rolling character stats – ask if you don’t know what that means.)

I do have access to a list of pre-rolled characters that would easily work for this adventure. I can send them to you in a zip file as PDFs, or as individual PDFs if you can’t open zips, and you can choose from there.

Or, you can use an online Character Generator. The link below is a good one, but I’d ask that you use the Basic Rules option (2nd one down) to generate a character for this adventure, unless you absolutely, positively have to have one of the 5e Player’s Handbook options offered in the first option.

If you need help with anything or have any other questions, please message me.

Edit – I’ve added a link at the bottom to a Form-Fillable Character Sheet – you can fill it out right on your laptop and save it as a PDF, or print it out, either after you fill it in, or before, and then fill it in by hand.

Fast Character Generator

16 Pre-Generated Characters

D&D Basic Rules

Form Fillable Character Sheet





Welcome, weary traveler. Take a seat at the table if it pleases you. The serving wench is around somewhere, but will return should you want for food or drink.

Hey, everyone.

I’m going to be using this private page attached to my blog for updates and information about the online D&D game I’m hoping to set up that you’ve expressed some interest in. I’ll be posting links to files and materials you might find useful, as well as giving updates on how the setup for the game is coming along.

As it stands, I’m having a bit of trouble with Discord, but I am finding I can do pretty much everything I need to through Google Hangouts.

Right now, I’m trying to figure out logistics for our Hangout, as well as gathering everything I’ll need to run a short, but hopefully fun, campaign that we can wet our feet on.

I don’t have a lot of experience DM-ing, especially not recently, and am relatively new to 5th Edition D&D (2nd Edition, way back in the day, is more my wheelhouse), but I’m hoping to build some skills as we go along.

I don’t have a set date yet, but I am hoping to get the ball rolling within a week.

I’ll fire off notices through Facebook Messenger whenever I update this page, and send you a link to let you know there’s new info. Please, if you were just being nice by liking the post I made about doing this, and aren’t really interested in joining a regular game, let me know and I’ll not bother you anymore about it, no worries.

For those of you who don’t have any D&D materials at all, below is a link to a PDF copy of the Basic Rules that you can download and read through. It has all of the info you’ll need to roll a basic character and play a basic game, no need to invest $$$ buying the many books if you don’t want to.

(Also, I have a large collection of D&D books as PDF’s I can share if you’re interested. Dm me if you’d like me to send you any.)

As soon as I get all the deets worked out with how to work Hangouts properly, I’ll let you all know, and we can figure out what to do about characters.