My Own, Private Hermit Kingdom – November 19, 2019

Hello, again everyone.

Another week has passed so I thought it might be time for an update post.

Not a whole hell of a lot to talk about this time. I’ve been back to work for a week and a half and think I’ve finally settled in again to living like a Vampire (3rd shift). It seems to get harder every time to get back on a schedule opposite of everyone else.

I got moved back to my regular job at work – I had been covering someone who was on vacation and had a bit better of a job than mine – so I had to re-work my “stealth writing” set-up to try and get some NaNo writing in during my shift. The new setup is working out great – I work in a lowered pit, which makes it hard to be seen by anyone walking by to begin with, and I’ve nestled my Chromebook in a nook on a parts rack that you essentially have to be right in front of to notice.

Other than writing, I’ve pretty much just been trying to finish out a few projects around the home. The hallway stairs are nearly finished – I’ve been trimming it out and re-painting the banister, which was in sore need of some TLC, and I’ve been getting the greenhouse winterized and ready for me to actually begin putting together the pieces of the mass-heater I’ve been building for it.

Beyond that, I’ve pretty much been taking it easy, catching up on some TV shows and doing some reading. I’m really enjoying a new show that premiered on Apple TV this season called For All Mankind. It’s an “Alternate History” series, based on the premise that the Soviets were able to land a man on the moon just before the Americans did with Apollo 11 in 1969, and how history might have unfolded from there. Being a Sci-Fi geek and a total NASA fan-boy, the series is right up my alley and I’m loving it so far.

I have the monthly “Social Event” I organize coming up in a few days, and while I’m looking forward to seeing some of my friends there, I’m kinda “meh” about it. I’ve been hermiting a lot lately, staying in and working around the house or writing rather than going out. I’m sure I’ll have a good time, and it will be good to take a break from being in my office writing or in my workshop tinkering, but I’m feeling that I could take it or leave it.

There has been a bit of drama in the community I host my events for, involving two “popular” people that I had pegged as narcissistic shits years ago, and warned a few people to avoid. They’ve broken up, and I guess it hasn’t been pretty. I saw this coming, so it’s no surprise, I’m just hoping the fallout doesn’t hurt anyone else and there’s no real collateral damage in the group. I’m also hoping that none of their drama bleeds into my event this week, but if it does, I may just have a bit of fun asking either one of them to leave.

As far as the writing, it’s going well. I’m managing to hit my word goals most days, and I’m having fun with the story despite not having planned it out over-well before-hand. I can’t speak to the quality of the words, but that’s something I’ll worry about if I ever get around to learning how to properly edit.

I should finish NaNo early, but not as early as last year, and if I do continue to write it beyond NaNo, I don’t anticipate it becoming as long a manuscript as my first one, nor taking as long to finish, but who knows. I didn’t anticipate the last one becoming such a monster, so it’s possible that I’m off on this one as well.

Beyond all of that, I’ve just been looking forward to our upcoming trip to Cuba and trying to plan a bit of an itinerary for us while we’re there.

Hope you’ve all had a good week.


Word Count – 38,727


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