NaNo & Chill – November 11, 2019

Hello, everyone.
It’s been nearly a week since my last blog-post, so I figure it’s time to post an update on how my November is going so far.
I’d said that this time around, I wasn’t going to bug you, good people, as much as I did during last year’s NaNoWriMo, and I think I’ve kept that promise pretty well. I’ve only been posting short updates with my word counts on Facebook for those of you who want to follow along with my progress, but no daily “novels” outlining everything I did during the day.
You’re welcome 😉
There’s not really a whole lot to tell about the past week. I was on layoff from work, and after the chaos of the previous two weeks in trying to get ready for NaNo, and making cosplay costumes for Youmacon, I decided I’d try to take it easy as much as I could.
While I didn’t finish any projects, I did make some progress on a couple. I finished getting the yard and the pond prepped for winter, and I did some work on the hallway stairs leading from the main floor of our house up to the bedroom level. I also did some work on the rocket stove/mass heater for my greenhouse, although that still isn’t as far along as I had hoped it would be by now.
I also did a lot of early spring cleaning, emptying out boxes of things I felt I no longer needed and taking the resulting pile of trash to either the Goodwill or the city dump. It always surprises me how much stuff one can accumulate over a few years.
I had a nice meet up with a friend this past Wednesday afternoon. We met for beers and conversation, mostly so I didn’t spend the entire week in the house. I did go out Friday night as well; we had a very nice dinner with some friends from out of town that we don’t get to see often, and then I went out and met with some other friends for drinks before spending some time hanging out with yet another good friend.
Otherwise, I’ve spent most of the week either sitting in my office writing or putzing about in my workshop.
I’ve made a point to only write in my office this year, mainly for two reasons. My office provides fewer distractions than my shop does, as there’s not much to tinker with in there. Both, of course, have wi-fi, so I can always waste time online or watch videos, but I’ve managed to keep myself disciplined at least in the sense that when I’m in my office, I’m writing.
The other main reason for not writing in my workshop is that I’m allowed to smoke in there. I smoke way too much as it is, so if I light up while I’m writing, I’ll chain smoke like a fiend.
The writing is going well, in the sense that I’ve been hammering out about an average of 2,000 words a day consistently, which is the personal goal I’ve set for myself. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep that volume up after I go back to work, however, as I’ll obviously have fewer hours in the day to just sit and write.
I’m planning on taking my Chromebook and a notebook to work with me, though, to see if I can’t sneak in some stealth writing like I did the day before our layoff began. If I can crank out a few hundred words at work, in between jobs or on break, that might help me to stay ahead of the game. As it stands, I should be able to finish early.
As far as whether my writing is good or not, well, I’m sure it’s another giant pile of shit, lol. But, to be fair, all first drafts are supposed to be. Not having planned this one out as well as I did last year’s story, I’m quite often surprised by the direction the story goes sometimes, but I’ve managed to roll with it.
I’m actually having fun with this story. I’m not stressing out about how good or bad it is or will be, I’m just putting the words down on the screen as they come to me. That’s one of the main lessons I learned from NaNo last year… just write, and worry about fixing it and making it good later when you edit.
I’ve been feeling pretty good this past week, which I’m sure has a lot to do with not having to work and being able to take some “me” time. I’ve worked out four out of the seven days we’ve been off, which is a little less than I would have liked, but not bad, and I’ve tried to keep from drinking too much beer or snacking too much at night. Overall, I think I did ok with keeping up with my health goals, though I could always have done better.
This past Friday, my former partners in an educational event that we had organized together had their first event after we’d gone our separate ways. I haven’t as yet heard how it went, but I’m sure it went well.
I am honestly surprised at how little that bothered me, that they had gone off on their own and I was no longer involved with an event that I’d shepherded for the last five years or so. It was a mutual parting, and I sincerely wished them well, but I was expecting to have at least a few bouts of FOMO on the day of the event. Truth be told, I didn’t even remember it was happening until I ran into someone that evening who knew of it and reminded me it was going on.
I’m kind of happy to discover how little it affected me. I think that shows that I made the right choice, for me, to pull back from certain things and let them go.
Late next week I have the monthly social event I organize. I wonder if this experience will make me see that event differently as well.
So, tonight I’m back to work, hopefully for the foreseeable future. I’m really hoping I can keep up the momentum that I’ve built up with my writing so far until the end of the month, but time will tell.
Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your week.
Word Count – 22,024

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