Preparing for Battle – August 28, 2019

Hello, again.

So much for my attempt to make these posts on a bit more regular of a schedule 😛
Last I left off, we had just gotten back from the Rob Zombie/Marylin Manson concert and I was getting ready to go to Cleveland for the Alice in Chains/Korn show.
A very good friend of mine occasionally gets VIP tickets to events at the Blossom Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and invited me along to see the show. It was great. The Blossom Center is a very nice venue where the Cleveland Symphony holds their summer concerts, and the seats she gets are phenomenal. We were close to the stage, had seat-side service for drinks and food, and access to the VIP bar and washrooms.
Both acts were terrific. I’ve been a fan of Alice in Chains since the 90’s, so it was awesome to finally see them live and up close. They put on a terrific show, did all of the hits and the new stuff I wasn’t familiar with was great.
I was never much of a Korn fan, but I have to admit I was impressed. They had a lot of energy, I recognized more songs than I would have thought, and their set was great fun to watch. The only issue I had was that at times, the lead singer looked a bit like Ricky Gervais doing a parody of a goth-rock lead singer, and I couldn’t get that out of my head 🙂
We had a great time at the show, but I was so worn out from the week that we didn’t do much afterward, no after-parties or anything, we just crashed for the night.
The next morning, we went to a science museum before heading back. To show how much of a geek and NASA fan-boy I am, the museum, The Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, is located very close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Cleveland Brown’s Football Stadium, both of which I ignored :p The reason we went to the Science Center was because they have an actual Apollo Command Module capsule that went up to Skylab on the Skylab 3 mission back in 1973.
Seeing, and getting to touch the capsule was a total nerdgasm moment for me. I’ve been to Kennedy Space Center, and have long been a space nerd, but that was the first thing I’ve ever actually touched that had been to space and back. Granted, it only went up to low earth orbit, and wasn’t one of the capsules that went to the moon, but still, it was an Apollo-era ship, designed to carry people into lunar orbit and back. I was totally geeked, and have to admit I got a bit emotional.
What struck me most about the capsule was how small it actually is, the interior space can’t be much larger than half the interior of my minivan. I can’t imagine spending a week and a half inside it with two other people on a trip to the moon and back, I’m much too claustrophobic.
We had a bit of fun climbing in and out of a replica Mercury capsule as well and then playing around with all of the science displays. It’s pretty much a children’s museum, so there were a lot of hands-on experiments that the kiddies can play with. Hey, we were in Cleveland, no one there knows us, so we got a bit silly.
Cleveland is actually a much nicer city than I would have thought, and I hope I get the chance to go back someday and check out some of its sights.
I spent most of the next week continuing to try and get used to living like a vampire again, as it was only my second week back to work after an extended layoff. We were having people over the following weekend, so we busted our butts cleaning the house and trying to finish up some languishing reno projects before having company.
Oh, and I have managed to finally finish the kitchen reno 😉
Last Thursday I had a “community” social event to organize and host, which kind of marked my return to doing such things. It went really well, the turn out was great and the people most prone to drama stayed away. We had a great night, and since it had been the first such event I’d held since finishing my first draft, I got a lot of congratulatory well-wishes on accomplishing that goal.
As I said, this past weekend we had people over to the house for a bit of a get-together. It went really well, and the turn out was great despite there being so much else going on that weekend. There were a few people who couldn’t make it that I missed seeing, but it was still a good crowd. Our kids were away for the weekend at Fan Expo in Toronto, so we could have a bit of a party without bothering them.
This coming Labor Day weekend, we’re hoping to head out to Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, as it’s the last weekend that the Star Trek props exhibit will be on display there, and being a huge Star Trek fan, it’s something I’m hoping not to miss.
So, writing…
I boxed up all of the material for my novel, the outlines, notes, character bios, etc, and the draft itself, and it’s sitting on the top of the fridge in my office, along with a big pack of red pens, waiting for this coming weekend when I’m planning to start the first edit. Other than packing it all away, I haven’t touched or even looked at the draft since finishing it, so I’m hoping I’ll have some fresher eyes and some distance from it so that I can be as critical as I should be when I start stabbing it with red pens.
I’ve written one article and am on its third edit, and started on another. I’m hoping to get the first one polished up enough so that I can submit it soon and see if I can’t get it published.
I plan to spend the next month or so editing, but September 21st will mark a year since I decided to buckle down and write a novel. Last year I spent the end of September and all of October preparing for NaNoWriMo, and this year I plan to do the same. It may seem a bit odd to start another novel when I haven’t even given the last one the first edit, but NaNo worked out so well for me last year that I don’t want to let it pass by. I figure if I spend the next few years trying to write one book a year, I may eventually get good enough to actually churn out a readable novel 🙂
Health-wise, things have been meh. Long layoffs always throw my routine into a tailspin, and I’m struggling to get things back on track. I’m booked to see an endocrinologist at the end of next month, so I’m hoping that will help me to get my blood sugar under better control. The five weeks off did me some good in the sense that I got to live like a human being for a while and get semi-regular sleep, but I’ve been having to work at keeping up with workouts and regular sleep and meal schedules.
So, that’s it from me for now. Hope you’re all well, and that you enjoy the upcoming long weekend if you get it.

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