ROW80, Round 2 Check-In #21 – June 12, 2019

Well, it hasn’t exactly been a great few days, though I can’t give a specific reason why. I guess for no reason I can really figure, I’ve gone into one of my blue moods again, and that’s derailed all of my plans for this week.

This post is, obviously, and predictably late, btw.

I’m not sure what brings these moods on, and I’m less sure of how to pull myself out of them. I think part of it might be the lack of sleep that just comes with working permanent third shift, and part might be just being generally down about my health struggles lately. Whatever it is, it is what it is.

I attended my writer’s group meeting on Tuesday, and it went well. I didn’t get my submission in on time for critique for this meeting, so I’ll be up the Tuesday after next.

The work on the greenhouse is coming along. The exterior is almost done, and I’ve started moving some plants into it. I hope to have it done soon, so I can get back to the projects I should really be working on. I do have some layoff time coming up, though, so I’m planning on saving a few projects around the house for then.

Tonight, I have another of my “events” to host, this one primarily educational. I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m getting kind of burnt out on hosting events in general. Perhaps I’ve been doing it for too long. I worry now that each event will bring more petty, grade school drama from people I really don’t need to be around. It makes me anxious, even when I know the potential for drama is low. I’m hoping it goes well, though, and I can get past it and get on with my weekend.

I have another such event next week as well, more of a social one.

I am going to the George Clinton/P-Funk concert soon, though, so I have that to look forward to. I’m sure that will be a great time and give me a much needed night of funkadelic fun.

Last night I got a text from someone I used to be quite friendly with, though we recently had what I’d call a “soft” falling out. It was nothing major, just a bit of a disagreement, no yelling or anything. He wanted to meet up for a beer, but I couldn’t get away at the time. He didn’t go into details about why he wanted to get together, other than to “talk”, so I spent a good part of my work shift wondering what it is he feels we need to talk about. I worry that it’ll just be more drama I have to deal with.

As far as the writing is going, the only word that comes to mind is “slowly”. I’ve only written about another 1800 words since my last Check-In, and though the story is moving forward, it’s obviously not at the pace I was hoping it would. I know what I have to write, I just can’t find the motivation to sit down and write it.

The greenhouse is far enough along now that I could leave it be for a bit and just pound out the rest of the climax of the story and tie it all up, but for some reason, I can’t seem to get that done.

I want to get this draft done by the end of June, so that gives me two more weeks. That would be an easy enough goal if I was still churning the words out at the rate I was a few months ago. Now, though, I’m not sure if I’ll hit that goal date.

So, on to this Check-In’s Goal Breakdown

Goal #1 – Get Healthy

I’ve at least managed to work out regularly since the last Check-In, and have even increased the intensity of my workouts. Working on the greenhouse in what free time I have has kept me active as well, and I’m doing well with watching what I eat.

I’ve cut down on some bad habits, but still have a ways to go in eliminating them altogether.

Goal #2 – Finish My First Draft

I’ve written about 1800 more words since my last Check-In, which puts the draft at 199,784 words.

Goal #3 – Write At Least Three Articles/Essays

As before, I’m saving this goal for when I finish the first draft.

At this point, I think it’s better to just plow through and finish this project before I start any others.

Goal #4 – Start Editing

I’ve finished editing the next portion of my draft to submit for critique at my writer‘s group, and have sent it to the other members to give them a chance to read it over.

I’ll be in the queue for critique at the next meeting in a week and a half.

Goal #5 – Read at least Two Books

I’m still reading Anthony Horowitz’s Moriarty, a sequel to his Sherlock Holmes tale The House of Silk.

I’m about 158 pages in so far, and though I am enjoying it, I’m getting a bit frustrated with the story. It takes place during the time that Holmes and Moriarty were thought dead, and follows two other characters, a Pinkerton’s agent from the US and a Scotland Yard Inspector, as they search for the members of Moriarty’s criminal gang.

Goal #6 – Read/Watch One Article/Video on Writing Every Day

This one I really blew off, so I have nothing to add here, unfortunately.

Well, that’s it for me this Check-In. I’m hoping to get myself back on track for the rest of this Round. Hope you’re all well.



2 thoughts on “ROW80, Round 2 Check-In #21 – June 12, 2019

  1. I don’t think we ever get used to sleep deprivation and it definitely takes its two on our mood and health, so maybe that’s what’s making you blue. It’s no wonder you don’t want to host events or meet people. It’s probably just a defense mechanism.

    Whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon and can finish that draft!

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