Leveling Out, but Procrastinating -June 4, 2019



Hey, everyone.


Still here 🙂
There isn’t a hell of a lot to report this week.
The greenhouse project has apparently taken over my life. It’s become a bit of an obsession.
The weather has been decent enough since the last post that I’ve been spending all of my free time trying to get it finished, which means that I haven’t set much time aside to write.
I’ve put in as much work as I can on the greenhouse when the weather’s allowed, and it’s finally getting near the point where I can start fixing up the inside to start planting. The roof is almost finished, and the vent windows are almost done. Once all of that’s done I can work on laying out the interior and bringing in dirt and plants.
I will still have to do some work pretty-ing up the exterior, but I can take my time on that. I’m hoping to be able to start using it after this coming weekend.
On Tuesday, I attended the writer’s critiquing group I belong to. I didn’t submit anything this time out, as I’d like to put in some more work polishing my next submission a bit. I am learning a lot from the group, even by just listening to the comments and suggestions the group offers on other people’s submissions. I think it’s helping me to apply those suggestions and corrections to my own work.
I did start editing my next submission for my writer’s group next Tuesday but didn’t get too far before I decided to just relax and watch a horror movie.
I don’t have any events I have to organize for the next couple of weeks, and nothing else pressing is on the horizon for a little while, which is nice. I can spend the next couple of weeks working on projects around the house that have been languishing while I’ve been occupied with my obsessive greenhouse building.
As far as the writing goes, it’s going slowly, but still moving along. I’ve still written, but only in fits and starts, and nowhere near the volume that I was hoping to.
I’ve written only about 3000 words since my last post, but the good news is that the greenhouse is inching towards completion, and I’ve managed to do a few other things around the yard that have been put off for too long.
I’m about half-way through the climax of the story, but I really have got to get myself in gear if I want to finish this work any time soon.
The tiny light at the end of the tunnel does seem a bit brighter lately, though.
I’m going to try to pick up the pace on my writing output for the next couple of weeks, since I don’t have any events to worry about, though if the weather continues to work for me, I may be tempted to keep working on outdoor projects rather than sitting at my desk in my office.
On the health front, I’ve stumbled a bit as well. I’ve kind of blown off my workouts lately in order to work on the greenhouse, but I did get back into my regular routine last night after dinner.
I went out for a couple of beers with a friend of mine on Friday. We went to a craft brew pub called Chapter Two, which seems to have become our new favourite hangout. I have to admit, I like the name, and the beer’s pretty good too.
Nothing much is on the horizon for the next few days, just work, working on the greenhouse and hopefully writing.
That’s it for this week. Hope you’re all well.
Novel Word Count – 196,943

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