ROW80, Round 2 Check-In #4 – April 14, 2019

I’ve been trying to get back on track to making these posts on time, but this weekend was a special circumstance, so once again, a late post.

The last few days haven’t been too bad, all things considered. Yesterday and today were reserved mostly for family, as we had to deal with the passing of one of my wife’s uncles, so it was all Funeral Home visitations and a Funeral this morning. Not much time for writing.

Otherwise, the weekend was pretty good.

On Friday night, I hosted one of my “Events”, which went well and managed to be drama-free this time. Afterward, it was off to Villain’s Beastro, one of my favourite local pubs, for drinks and a “Secret Mission”.

Villain’s is decorated in a, well, “Villain’s” theme, with very realistic pencil drawings of pop-culture and movie villain’s decorating all of the walls. I had bought a cheap, but ornate picture frame from a local resale shop, kind of matching the type they frame the pencil drawings at the pub in, and with a little photoshop magic and some vintage-y looking paper, I managed to make a reasonable facsimile of their decorative artwork with myself as the subject. I stuck some two-sided tape on the back of the picture, and, when no one was looking, I slapped it on an empty spot on the wall and took a picture beside it.

Just like that, a life-long dream of having my picture up on the Villain’s Wall was realized 🙂

I posted the pic on Facebook, and I was surprised that a few of my friends actually thought the management of the pub had honoured me somehow by posting it on the wall themselves. Secret mission accomplished.

Saturday I learned that there was a Small Press Book Fair going on near the University campus here in town, as well as a Writer’s group meet up that afternoon, so I decided to blow off my responsibilities and make my way down to both events.

I met a few local authors at the book fair, both self and traditionally published, and had a chance to bend their ears for some advice and encouragement. Of course, I bought a few books by some of the local authors there and got them signed, mostly just to support their efforts. I rarely read actual physical books anymore, as I’ve fallen in love with my e-reader, but the books do look interesting and curiosity might nudge me to read them when I can find the time.

I had a pretty good time at the writer’s meet up. I had attended one of their meetings several months ago, and while that was an enjoyable time as well, I had been the only male and the only person over thirty at that particular meeting, which made me feel slightly awkward. This time, there were a few other men attending, and one other in my age group, which made things more comfortable.

It was an enjoyable meeting, with some very good conversation, which made me glad I went.

I did manage to get the next set of drawer fronts finished and installed in the kitchen, and have bought the boards I’m going to need to make the next set of doors and drawers, but didn’t get much of a chance to spend working in my woodshop otherwise.

Saturday night, we had another couple over for drinks and conversation. We had only met them recently through mutual friends but thought we had quite a bit in common, so we decided to invite them by. It was a good time as well, and we’re hoping we’ve made some new friends we can get together with occasionally.

As far as the writing went this week, my output has been spotty, but other than on the weekend, I’ve managed to write every day. I’m back to work again this week, so I’m hoping the return to a more normal schedule for me will help push me back into my writing routine.

Since my last Check-In, I’ve written about 2000 words, and the draft word count currently sits at 172,019.

As I said before, I’m trying not to worry about how long it’s getting, and am hoping to cut that down significantly if I ever finish it and get on to editing.

That’s it for me this week. I’m still at it, foolishly or not.

Ok, on to this Check-In’s Goal Breakdown

Goal #1 – Get Healthy

With all of the visiting, meet-ups and family stuff these past few days, I haven’t had much time to squeeze in exercise, but I managed it more days than not.  With returning to work and a more “regular” routine, at least for me, I’m hoping to get my act back together and not miss any more days.

I am still doing my best to eat properly, though it’s tougher when you have to eat away from home. I’m working really hard to make good choices when I can, though.

Goal #2 – Finish My First Draft

Since the last Check-In I’ve written another 2000 words. I missed a few days of writing because of Funeral obligations and visits, but I did try and write every day.

The word count for the draft so far sits at 172,019.

Goal #3 – Write At Least Three Articles/Essays

As before, I’m saving this goal for when I finish the first draft.

At this point, I think it’s better to just plow through and finish this project before I start any others.

Goal #4 – Start Editing

I’m saving this goal for when I finish the first draft as well.

I don’t want to start editing until the draft is done. I’m a horrible self-editor, so I’m really trying to not go back and edit while I write.

Goal #5 – Read at least Two Books

I’m currently reading John Ringo’s A Hymn Before Battle, a military sci-fi novel.

I haven’t had any chance to read these last few days, as I’ve been busy with writing and doing chores about the house.

I’m still on page 294 of 363, but I hope to get back to reading soon and finish this book so I can move on to the next one on my list.

Goal #6 – Read/Watch One Article/Video on Writing Every Day

I’ve continued to watch/read vlogs and blogs related to the craft of writing since the last Check-In, and got some great advice and encouragement from each one. They’re listed below…

Writing First Person and Third Person POV – Jenna Moreci

How to Fast Draft your Novel – Kim Chance

10 Tips for Writing The First Chapter of Your Book – Jenna Moreci

5 Instances When You Need To Tell (And Not Show) – Amanda Patterson

Well, that’s it for me this Check-In.  Hope you’re all doing well.




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