ROW80, Round 2 Check-In #3 – April 10, 2019


It’s been a pretty quiet few days since the last Check-In, which I’m thankful for and hope is a sign of things to come.

The only bad news this week came today when my wife found out her uncle had passed away. He was in his mid-80’s and died in his garden. He had a heart attack while gardening, which was what he loved best, at the house he grew up in and had moved back into in his later years. While he’ll be missed, he had a full life and died doing something he enjoyed.

Other than that, as I said, it’s been pretty quiet. I’m still off of work this week, and have spent my days getting small projects done around the house and the yard, and working in my shop. I took the opportunity to clean and organize my workshop a bit, getting rid of some clutter.

I’m hoping to get a few more projects done before I have to go back to work next week. I still have some tree pruning to do, and I have the rest of the outdoor furniture to bring out of storage. I also really need to put some time into cleaning and de-cluttering my office and my office closets – I have a mess of old cosplay items I need to organize.

I’m hoping to have the next set of drawer fronts for the kitchen cabinets installed tomorrow and to start on the next door and drawer front after that.

Ok, so on to this Check-In’s Goal Breakdown…

Goal #1 – Get Healthy

I’ve done well in keeping up with my exercise goals these past few days. The weather has been nice enough that I’ve replaced my daily walk with a bike ride instead, and I’ve at least done my 20 minutes on the elliptical machine each day and tried to fit in some weight training more days than not. The days I’ve had to skip weights, I did some calisthenics to make up for it.

I’ve kept up with my new diet as well. The low/no sugar, low carb options my wife has been experimenting with have been a real help.

When I return to work next week, I’ll be more active simply because I’ll be back to walking back and forth for the better part of eight hours each day, and with a stable routine again, I’ll be better able to set more consistent times for my exercise.

Goal #2 – Finish My First Draft

Since the last Check-In I’ve written another 2500 words, a bit shy of my 1000 words/day goal. I fell short one day because I had to take a trip out to my friend’s house two hour’s away in order to pick up a piece of furniture and was late getting back home.

I think I have only another two or three scenes to finish before I can start working on the climax of the story, so inch by inch I’m getting closer to reaching this goal.

The word count for the draft so far sits at 170,122.

Goal #3 – Write At Least Three Articles/Essays

As before, I’m saving this goal for when I finish the first draft.

At this point, I think it’s better to just plow through and finish this project before I start any others.

Goal #4 – Start Editing

I’m saving this goal for when I finish the first draft as well.

I don’t want to start editing until the draft is done. I’m a horrible self-editor, so I’m really trying to not go back and edit while I write.

Goal #5 – Read at least Two Books

I’m currently reading John Ringo’s A Hymn Before Battle, a military sci-fi novel.

I haven’t had any chance to read these last few days, as I’ve been busy with writing and doing chores about the house.

I’m still on page 294 of 363, but I hope to get back to reading soon and finish this book so I can move on to the next one on my list.

Goal #6 – Read/Watch One Article/Video on Writing Every Day

I watched another vlog post and read two articles related to the craft of writing since the last Check-In, and got some great advice and encouragement from each one. They’re listed below…

7 Reasons Why Writers Should Make A Scene List – Mia Botha

How to Write a Book (For Beginners) – Kim Chance

How to deal with THE FEAR that causes writer’s block – Lee Weatherly

Well, that’s it from me this Check-In. (On time this time 😉 )

Hope you’re all doing well.


2 thoughts on “ROW80, Round 2 Check-In #3 – April 10, 2019

  1. So sorry about your wife’s uncle.

    Cosplay can take quite a lot of space… My husband and I never did it seriously like I know some people do, yet we have boxes of wigs, clothes and accessories in storage…

    Have a nice end of week.

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  2. One of my goals this quarter is to clean the basement, and one of the yet to be tackled corners is the one with cosplay bits and bobs in it. It’s tough to figure out what to do with them, if nothing else because it seems that every piece comes with something that’s an odd shape! Good luck with the decluttering and organizing, hopefully it makes the rest of the goals that much easier to get to!

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