The Latest Stumble -March 5, 2019

downloadOk, so I guess I’ve totally blown my commitment to try and make these posts on time.

This one is extra late.

I haven’t had a great few days as far as the writing is going. While I did hit my 1000 words per day goal more often than not, I totally blew off the weekend and didn’t write a single word either Saturday or Sunday.

For some reason, I just can’t seem to get back on a normal (for me) sleep schedule. I did fine throughout the week, but the weekend threw me right off. I’d sleep in three-and-a-half to four-hour snatches, and then be up and active for several hours before totally crashing for another four hours or so. It really threw my day off.

I spent a lot of time on Saturday in my shop, working on tuning up and fixing my bandsaw, which was great, but I really should have been writing.

Sunday was my daughter’s 22nd birthday, so we spent the day with her for the most part.

I have been doing some work on the final set of upper cabinet doors for the kitchen, and am hoping to have those ready to install by the weekend. Then I can move on to the lower cabinets.

As far as the writing goes, I did get some reassurance that I’m on the right track with my first draft. Apparently, really long first drafts are nothing unusual, especially for a first novel attempt. It takes a lot of meandering exposition to work out the details of the story, I guess, and though a great deal of that will be edited out later, it’s necessary for me to be able to figure all of the details of the story out, even if it’s stuff the reader doesn’t need to know.

As far as how long it’s taking, I’ve been at this for four months now, and I’ve been told that for the volume I’ve written, that’s still really good. Quite a lot of authors have spent years writing their first drafts, so I probably shouldn’t be as impatient as I am to get this one done.

I was really hoping to have finished it and moved on to editing by now, but I figure I should just relax and give myself at least a couple of more months to finish it up first. I’m going to try not to stress out on the length of the draft or the amount of time it’s taking me to finish it for now.

I have to keep reminding myself that, despite all the other aborted attempts over the years, this is really my first serious try at doing something on this scale, and it’s supposed to be a learning experience. The whole point of this project was to make the mistakes I’m making so that I can learn from them for the next time. I’m really trying to hold on to that idea so that I can keep things in perspective and not get weighed down by my own self-criticisms.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I’m still plugging away at this shit, for those of you still paying attention.

Hope you’re all well.

Novel Word Count – 150,419

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