ROW80 Check-In #13 – February 13, 2019


So, I‘m trying to get back to making these posts on time, lol.

It’s only been a couple of days since my last post, so other than some real life stuff, not much has happened.

The car repairs are going… well, going. I should have my main vehicle back tomorrow, and then my second vehicle will have to go in for some minor repairs on Friday. I’ll worry about the third vehicle next week 😛

They announced that we’ll be laid off from work next week, possibly for the next two. On the bright side, that means I’ll have extra time for writing and finishing up some other projects around the house. I’m not gonna say that I’ll manage to finish this draft during my time off, but I should get significantly closer to doing so.

Not much more has developed on the crappy relative who ruined my mom’s birthday front. Things have been quiet there, as far as I know. We’ll have to see how that pans out at the next family function, I guess.

I’ve still been maintaining my 1000 words a day goal, so at least there’s that.

Oh, and I’ve cleaned up my workshop 😉

So here’s this Check-In’s Goal Breakdown

Goal #1 – Finish my First Draft

I’ve written another 2500 words since the last check-in, keeping up with my 1000 words per day goal.

Since this Round began, I’ve written about 45,500 words, and the draft is now just over 136,500 words in total.

Goal #2 – Write At Least Three Articles/Essays

Still haven’t gotten around to this one yet, because I’m saving this one for when I’m done the first draft and want to take a break from it. Though I am considering taking some time off from the first draft to work on at least one small writing project, just for a change of pace.

Goal #3 – Start Editing

I still haven’t started on this one, either. I won’t edit until the draft is done. I’m a horrible self-editor, so I’m really trying to not go back and edit while I write. I’m saving all of the editing for when the draft is done.

Goal #4 – Read at least Two Books – Accomplished

I don’t want to lose my reading momentum again, so I’m going to keep going with this goal, even though I’ve technically met it.

I’m currently reading John Ringo’s A Hymn Before Battle, a military sci-fi novel. I‘m about a third of the way through it, and though I am enjoying it, it‘s taking quite a long time to set up the action and get to the story. I’m hoping things pick up soon.

It is the first in a series, and it is Sci-Fi, so I guess I should expect a long set up. It’s still pretty good, though.

So, an on-time post 🙂

Hope all is well with you.

Oh, and I wanted to include a pic of my backyard because it looks really nice in the snow.  And yes, that’s a Tardis… I built it… Is it bigger on the inside?  😉


2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In #13 – February 13, 2019

  1. Sad to say, the picture didn’t show up. A broken image link… Would have love to see it. That said, cleaning your workshop is an awesome achievement!. Yay you! Though this getting posts done on time thing… You may make the rest of start to look bad. 😉


  2. You built your own TARDIS?!? It’s so well-made I thought you had bought it when I saw it… Good job!

    And good job writing too! And reading of course, I find it hard to read lately.


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