ROW80 Check-In #1 – January 2, 2019


So, the first Check-In day of this ROW80 challenge has arrived, and it’s time for me to post my progress so far.

There hasn’t been a lot – it’s only day two, after all.

Goal #1 – Finish My First Draft

Since beginning this Challenge, I’ve written about 2800 more words towards my goal.  I’d estimated that it will take about 35,000 words to finish the manuscript from where it was on Dec. 31, so that’s another 2800 towards that.  I’ve been writing every day, though admittedly on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day I wrote significantly less than I normally do.  I think I’m still on track to finish the draft by the end of the month.

Goal #2 – Write at least Three Articles/Essays

I haven’t started this goal yet, as it’s meant to be started once I’ve finished my draft and need something else to write.  I have been giving some thought to the topics I’d like to write on for this goal, though.

Goal #3 – Start Editing

I haven’t started on this goal yet, either.  I can’t really start editing until the draft is done, so this one will also have to wait until then.

Ok, first check-in done.

Have a good night, everyone.



8 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In #1 – January 2, 2019

  1. I like how your three goals tie into and follow one another.

    I call the thinking time before I start something (or the next stage of something) simmering. I totally count simmering time toward achieving a goal, since I’ve discovered that it’s an essential part of my writing (and living!) process!

    Welcome to the round!

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      1. I don’t usually take special simmering time. I just let things be. Then, while I’m washing the dishes or driving or walking my dog or showering, things will kind of open up and fall into place.

        It’s more an intention not to force things to happen before their time. I started off using it for writing, but I’ve found it works for any part of life I’m kind of stuck with – and, since I was widowed last January, the past year has brought plenty of opportunities to practice simmering.

        I hope you can find a little corner in your busy life to explore it, and that, if you do, it helps.


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