Post-Xmas Bloat – December 29, 2018


So, friends, once again it’s time for a writing update.

This week has, of course, been busy. It was difficult to find the time to write with all of the holiday stuff going on, but I did manage to squeeze some in.

We spent Xmas Eve with my mom out in the county, and then we had my mother-in-law over for Xmas day.

Got and gave lots of nice gifts, and had a nice holiday overall.

We had some friends over last night, so I spent most of yesterday cleaning up the house to get ready for company.

With all of the hustle and bustle this week, I did get a little behind in my word count but did manage to pass the 90,000-word mark.

I’m really getting frustrated, though, with how big this project is getting. I’m realizing that the first 50,000 words, the stuff I wrote during NaNo, is really bloated with unnecessary exposition. That’s not really surprising, as the whole goal of NaNo is just to get words down, but it does mean that probably most of that will get cut during editing.

I’m also getting really anxious to finish this project and move on to the next part, editing it. I’ve been at this since late September, and it’s feeling more and more like a grind every day, and it’s getting harder to stay motivated.

But, I’m still soldiering on, and I’m still hoping to have it finished by mid-January.

Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas. See you in the New Year.

Novel Word Count – 92,267

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