Up and Down, like the market – December 8, 2018

All right, friends, this has been a shit week, and I’m sure you’re all very eagar to hear all about it.

So, NaNo ended exactly one week ago. And I won. Yay.

To get this part out of the way, I did keep up with my promise, and have written at least 1000 words a day since the end of November. Again, Yay.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been a bit burnt out from all of the writing in November, or not having the goal of “winning”, but getting the words out has been a bit harder this week than the last few. Still, I managed, and I am really trying to maintain the momentum.

The story is coming along. I do still think it’s a really good story; it’s the storytelling I’ll have to work on – the way I craft the words and sentences to make it compelling and enjoyable, rather than just presenting the information.

It’s been really tough to keep from going back and self-editing. I know I have to get the story out first, then I can polish it and make it shine, but that’s a harder task than it sounds. The temptation to go back and “fix” stuff is really strong.

I’ve found a few really helpful vlogs and blogs from other writers that are helping me pace the story a bit better, and make my writing more active and not so passive. It’s a learning experience, which is what I signed up for.

Otherwise, like I said, it’s been a bit of a shit week, but I’m hoping things will even out soon.

Novel Word Count – 68,652

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