What Happens After? – November 20, 2018

Had another decent day of writing today; I seem to be out of the funk that had me down this past weekend.

Got some stuff done around the house, too, which is also good.

What’s preoccupying me lately is… “What happens after NaNo?”

In all likelihood, I’ll hit 50,000 words some time on Friday, so that will be that hurdle overcome, and I’m relatively confident that I can keep up this momentum until Nov. 30th. If I do, that should put me at somewhere around 65,000 words.

The way the story is unfolding, I’m estimating that I’ll need between 90 – 110,000 words to tell this story (a lot of which will be edited out when I get to that point in this journey).

I’m really hoping I can keep with it and finish this “novel”, but I am worried that without the incentive that NaNo provides, my motivation might fade out.

I’m trying to stay as positive as I can about this whole experience, and not dwelling on the quality of the writing for now, just on getting the story out there. It’s been said before that the first draft of a novel is just “word vomit”, with the goal not being to make it pretty prose, but just getting the story out in a medium that you can tinker with later.

I really do want to finish this story, and I know I can do it, I just wonder if I can keep motivated to continue beyond November.

I guess we shall see.

Total Words Today – 2023
Novel Word Count – 44,588

NaNo Day 20

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