Time Lord – November 9, 2018


Happy Friday, everyone.

I’m lucky enough (thanks to our Veterans and my Union) to have a long weekend, so I’m anticipating getting quite a bit done around the house and still having time to get some relaxation in. Plus, more time to write.

I had a bit of running around to do today, so I didn’t get a lot done outside before the sun went down. I did finish a bit more on the Tardis, which is within striking distance of being finished up for the winter. I did decide that, with it needing a bit of a face lift, and there being a new Doctor this season, I’d give it a bit of an updated look. Pics to follow.

I also indulged myself in a bit of conceit… the .doc file I’ve been saving my NaNo work in reached 50 pages yesterday, so, and I’m hoping I don’t jinx myself because of this, I had my work so far printed out. It’s interesting to see it in a hard-copy format, plus it’s a bit of a safety net, just in case all six of my back-ups fail at the same time 

Having hit the 20,000 word milestone yesterday has spurred me on to try and reach the half-way mark of 25,000 words sometime this weekend, so I put in a bit of extra writing time today, in between trying to clean up my workshop. I’m hoping to hit that mark by Sunday, but I may just hit it tomorrow if I can find the time. That would put me five days ahead of schedule.

Total Words Today – 2410
Novel Word Count – 22,518

NaNo Day 9

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