Second Day – November 2, 2018

This post is a bit late, but it was Friday night, and I went out, so …

It was the second day of NaNo today, and I did my best to keep my momentum going…

I was up stupid early for some reason, but that gave me the opportunity to get some writing in early.

By 10:00 am I had hit 1000 words for the day, and by 2:00 pm, I hit 5000 words total. I didn’t do that all in one sitting, though. I’d write for a bit, and then go off to do something else, some house work, or work in my wood-shop, or cook.

In all, I hit 2020 words for today, which puts me a bit ahead of schedule. I’m hoping I can keep that up throughout the month.

Total Words Today – 2020
Novel Word Count – 5468

NaNo Day 2

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