Roller Coaster Weekend – November 18, 2018

So, I’m calling it on the writing for tonight. For some reason, this weekend hasn’t been the best for getting the words down.

It’s been an up and down weekend… I had a great time Friday night with Drunk D&D, had a really good night Saturday night just staying home and watching documentaries on Netfix, and I did get a lot done around the house, though as usual, not as much as I had hoped.

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep (I’ve had trouble sleeping the last few days, which is not unusual on weekends, since my 3rd shift schedule is turned upside down), or because of some other things that have been preoccupying me, but I’ve had some pretty blue moods this weekend as well.

I still managed to inch past 1667 words today, but that was literally (ha!) all I could squeeze out today. I had hoped to push past 2000, but I just couldn’t make that happen.

But, I did pass another milestone. I hit 40,000 words this afternoon, which means I now have less than 10,000 words remaining in order to “Win” NaNaWriMo, so I suppose I should be happy for that. I’m six days ahead of schedule, so, provided I can climb back up to 2000+ words a day, I should be able to hit 50,000 words a week early.

Then it will be seeing if I can keep up the writing until the story is actually finished.

Total Words Today – 1688
Novel Word Count – 40,441

NaNo Day 18

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