Remember, Remember – November 5, 2018

Today was my first day back at work after a week-long layoff, so my schedule is a bit off as I have to get used to living like a vampire again.

We had a bit of downtime at work, so I managed to get quite a bit of writing in before coming home. I did a bit more before heading off to bed, so by the time I got up this afternoon, I had quite a large chunk already done.

The rain held off, so I managed to do some more work outside before the sun went down, which was great as I was worried we’d get more rain today and I’d not be able to finish a few of the chores I still wanted to get done outside.

I managed to pass 2000 words today, and also hit the 10,000 word milestone, which puts me a bit ahead of the game. With more than 20% of my NaNo goal done, and still the bulk of November to get through, I’m getting more confident that I can actually finish this challenge.

I think, however, that 50,000 words isn’t going to come near the word count I’ll need to finish this story; I’m thinking the draft will run to more than 100,000 words before the story is done, so I’ll likely be working on it well into the new year, if I can keep myself motivated past NaNo.

Total Words Today – 2491
Novel Word Count – 12,165

NaNo Day 5

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