Productive – October 19, 2018

Ok, so, super productive day today…

I took last night off from work because of an event we had to attend, so I figured I should get as much done around the house today as possible to make up for that.

Did a dump run, cleaned and fixed the eavestroughs, ran some errands, shopped for new car insurance, and did other general maintenance around the house to batten it down for the coming winter.

Still found time to write, though, which I am proud of. Hit my daily goal, (barely) passed 1667 words again, and…


So, I finally know how the story should end, and yes, there’s a bit of a twist 

The actual outline of the story clocks in at 29,396 words, which is way long for an outline … in fact its more than half of what the actual NaNo goal for a first draft is, but I’m hoping it will work as a detailed road map for my actual NaNo attempt when November arrives.

So now it’s finding other things to write to keep my daily word count up until the 1st. I do still have to finish some character bios, a bit of world-building, and working out some future tech, but I think I have settled on a side project to work on in the interim… something “throw-awayish” that I wouldn’t mind finishing.

Daily Word Count – 1681
Novel Word Count – 0 (Start Date Nov. 1)
Outline/Prep. Word Count – 37,124

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