Meeting Some Writers – October 7, 2018


The good news… I had a great time hanging with and nerding out with my son today at the Continuum Sci-Fi Convention in Romulus, Michigan. While it was a smaller con than we’re used to, there were some great people, we sat in on some really good panels, I met two published authors I really respect and had a chance to bend their ears for advice, and there was an open bar at the after party. We managed to bail before it turned into a full on geek orgy, and had an adventure crossing an international border dressed in our cosplay  We ended the night with a couple of pints at our favourite watering hole, Villian’s Beastro in Windsor.

Bad News… no writing today, so I have a deficit now that I have to make up.

Still, a great time and some great memories.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I manage to bring my word count back up. 

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