Drunk D&D – November 16, 2018


Tonight is Drunk D&D at one of my favourite local hangouts, Villain’s Beastro. A bunch of us get together to play Dungeons & Dragons, in a bar… which is both awesome and dangerous 

Since I’m out tonight geeking it up, I wanted to get my writing in early, though I also got some work done in my woodshop (finishing up a bunch of dice boxes to take tonight in case anyone is interested… they make great Xmas gifts for all your nerdy relatives  )

I was hoping to do more, but I petered out at just over 2000 words tonight. I’m hoping to hit 40,000 total by Sunday, which will put me way ahead.

I can’t guarantee that all the words are pretty, but pretty or not, they count  I’ll pretty up the prose if I ever get around to editing once this part is done.

Total Words Today – 2022
Novel Word Count – 37,047

NaNo Day 16

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