Another Writer Met – October 20, 2018

Ok, big day today, and lots to report, so pardon the long post.

The weather didn’t co-operate with me today, so most of my work around the house had to be delayed or done catch-as-catch-can between rain, hail and wind. Got a bit done, but not as much as I would have liked.

During a short shopping trip to pick up some odds and ends, I popped into the local mall, and as I was passing the book store, I noticed a lovely woman at a table at the front of the store, with small piles of books sitting at her elbows.

Turns out she’s a local YA author, (also a teacher and librarian) who was doing a book signing today in the store. I chatted with her for a bit, and got a few more writing tips, and then bought a copy of her first novel and got her to sign it for me. It’s good to see that other people have managed to succeed at this whole writing thing 

Must be something about October, as that’s the third published writer I’ve managed to meet and chat with.

So anyway, with my outline being done, I was searching for other things to write to get my daily word count it.

I fleshed out some background details, worked on some plot templates that I got from the NaNo site, and came up with a couple of sub-plots that I want to weave into the story when the time comes.

One sub plot is a romance between hard-nosed colonial marines, and the other follows the actions of a saboteur, secretly trying to thwart the actions of our brave heroes. Hopefully those will add to the excitement of the story.

Also, I dug out an unfinished Novella that I had started a little over a year ago, and put some work back into that. Perhaps I’ll be able to finish that story before NaNo begins in ernest.

I did hit my daily goal, and managed to again pass the 1667 mark, so, yay me 

On a side note, today marks 30 days since I decided to attempt NaNo this year, and to date, I’ve written (almost) every day, and have amassed a word count of 38,812 words. Still well short of what I need to do for NaNo, so I do have to step it up a bit, but I do have to say that is something to be proud of.

Daily Word Count – 1688
Novel Word Count – 0 (Start Date Nov. 1)
Outline/Prep./Side Project Word Count – 38,812

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