Another Busy Day – November 4, 2018

Today was another busy day. Again, I took advantage of the semi-decent weather to work outside. I did some yardwork, but spent most of the day giving my Tardis some much needed TLC.

For those that don’t know, a couple of years ago I built a small shed in my back yard in the shape of the Tardis from Doctor Who. After a couple of years in the elements it was starting to show some wear and tear, so I spent the better part of today fixing it back up and giving it a new coat of paint. Hopefully that will last a couple more years until I have to do it again.

Plus, I figure with a new Doctor this year, I should get on to cleaning the old girl up a bit 

I still did manage to get my writing in, though. I did the same thing as yesterday, taking an occasional break from chores to come in and hammer out 250 plus words at a clip. In this way, I reached the daily minimum of 1667, and then passed 2000 words for the day. I briefly debated going on until I cracked the 10,000 word total threshold, but I’m really beat, and I have to go back to work tonight, so I figure I should just call it a day and take a few hours nap.

So far, I’m doing really well in keeping up with my daily word goals, and have built up quite a surplus. The story is coming along well, though I won’t make any claims as to the quality of the writing. That’s what editing is for 

Total Words Today -2136
Novel Word Count – 9674

NaNo Day 4

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