A Rant – October 21, 2018

So, I got a private message today, from one of my Facebook “Friends”, regarding my NaNo posts, and I feel I have to address it.

I said before that if you find my daily NaNo posts annoying, I won’t mind if you block notifications from me until this is all over.

I post updates once a day. That’s ONE post, albeit sometimes one long one. You can scroll past it if you like; you don’t have to pay it any mind.

People post all manner of things on Facebook, from silly memes to pictures of what they’re having for dinner. I don’t complain when they do so, if it’s something I’m not interested in seeing, I just keep scrolling.

The reason I decided not to do these updates as a separate blog is that NO ONE WOULD SEE A BLOG. The point here is to let people know that I am doing this, so that I’ll be less likely to flake and give up.

I would really like to finish this challenge, and it helps me to do so knowing that there are people out there who will call me on it if I give up. If I posted these updates on a blog that few if any people would take the time to go to and read, I might as well not post the update at all for all of the good it would do.

Again, if you find my daily progress posts annoying, just scroll past them, or block or delete me. I’m not asking you to read every word I write, I just want people to be aware that I’m writing and to hold me to the task so I can finish it.

End of Rant.

Daily Word Count – 1689
Novel Word Count – 0 (Start Date Nov. 1)
Outline/Prep./Side Project Word Count – 40,501

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