A Hefty Goal – November 10, 2018

Got a lot done around the house today, despite being up at stupid o’clock this morning. Finished up a few things that needed doing, and also got to put some time in cleaning and working in my woodshop.

I had set quite a hefty goal for my writing today, since I had the day off and I was close to hitting the 25,000 word mark. Every hour or so, I’d take a break from whatever I was doing, and go into my office and write a minimum of 250 words, before heading back out again.

I that way, I managed to hit my word goal for the day, and I just inched past the 25,000 word mark, which is halfway to my NaNo goal 

According to the metrics on the NaNo site, that puts me 5 days ahead of schedule, and I’m slated to finish on the 20th if I can keep up this pace. I doubt I’ll finish that soon, but it won’t be too long after that that I should reach 50,000 words.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

Total Words Today – 2510
Novel Word Count – 25,028

NaNo Day 10

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