A Decent Day – November 14, 2018

Had a decent day today… got to do a little work in my woodshop after getting up, and had a good writing day to boot.

I am getting a bit concerned about how much longer this project will take beyond the end of NaNo, though. 50,000 words is not going to be near enough to finish this story.

The average novel tends to clock in at about 80,000 words. Speculative Fiction novels, (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, etc.) tend to run much longer, though, usually somewhere between 90-120,000.

There’s a lot more “World Building” involved in Spec. Fiction… you have to describe alien species and alien worlds, future technologies and methods of interstellar travel. In Fantasy, you have to devise magic systems, and strange lands, describe ancient and mythical races, and pantheons of gods.

You need quite a bit more description with Spec. Fiction than you would if your story was about a suburban soccer mom living in modern times.

So, I’m hoping I can keep up the pace until the story is finished, whenever that is. Hopefully, if I can carry forward my momentum beyond Nov. 30, I’ll have this story wrapped up by the New Year.

Total Words Today – 2014
Novel Word Count – 32,750

NaNo Day 14

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