A Break in the Weather – November 3, 2018

Finally had a break in the weather today, so I could get back to doing some work outside. Good thing too, because the lawns were covered in about 6 inches of leaves.

I still managed to keep my writing momentum going, and got to do some work in my woodshop.

All in all, a very productive day.

I tried something different with my writing today. Instead of trying to get it all out at once, I gave myself small word goals of 250 words per session, which were easy enough to bang out in fifteen or twenty minutes, and then I’d go back out and do something else for an hour or so. That way I didn’t let the day get away from me, did the chores I needed to do, and still got my writing in.

My goal is to try and write at least 2000 words a day, which has been easy enough, but I’m back to work after tomorrow, so I may just have to settle for trying to find the time to fit in the 1667 per day that I need. I have built up a bit of a surplus though, so if push comes to shove, I can slow down a bit for a day or two.

Total Words Today – 2070
Novel Word Count – 7538

NaNo Day 3

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